Initiative introduces channel-customised promos for Swift

Initiative introduces channel-customised promos for Swift

Author | Malini Menon | Monday, May 23,2005 8:10 AM

Initiative introduces channel-customised promos for Swift

This is one such instance when the media agency has gone beyond numbers and explored the creative side in them. Media agency Initiative India has come up with a clutter breaker idea for Maruti's new product, Swift, wherein each channel (news and niche) has been given creative freedom to make its own capsule for Swift.

The campaign is such that each channel has used its footage and merged it with Swift's or used Swift's footage and cut it to an edit. The end result - each Swift promo will be different as the channels maintain the core personality by merging their footage with that of Swift. Hence, you will see Swift amid nature, news, football match, etc, resulting in different capsules across 23 channels.

The channels, the agency and the client are all thrilled about the "clutter breaker" initiative. Avik Chattopadhyay, DGM-Marketing, Maruti Udyog Ltd, said, "We wanted Swift to stand out and when this idea came across, we thought that this would be a clear clutter breaker. Here, we were working in tandem with the channels to advertise Swift with the channel's own footage, preserving the core personality of the channel."

Chattopadhyay said that it was a conscious decision to make the media handle this campaign than the creative agency.

Asked on how did the channels take this idea, he said, "There were early adopters and at the same time there were some who wanted to wait and watch. However, gradually we saw everybody enthusiastic about it and the channels cooperating with us at every stage."

The channels were also upbeat about the campaign. Sanjay Dua, Senior VP, Zee Network, said, "it's an innovative idea as no two promotions would be the same. Moreover, each channel gets the opportunity to treat the promotion differently maintaining the essence of the channel." Aditya Tripathi, Head-Marketing, Discovery, lso, believes that this is a novel concept. "We have always been open to customisation by clients but we are selective about whom we do it for. When Maruti approached us we thought it was an innovative idea."

Asked on what really led the media agency to go creative, Kartik Iyer, President, Initiative Media, said, "It was a joint effort that really worked. When the idea was initiated and the response was positive from the channels we were upbeat about it. Moreover, we wouldn't limit ourselves to just bringing out the numbers but intend to deliver greater impact to the brands we serve."

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