Industry looks forward to learning from TAM’s News Content Track

Industry looks forward to learning from TAM’s News Content Track

Author | Puneet Bedi Bahri | Thursday, Nov 13,2008 5:37 AM

Industry looks forward to learning from TAM’s News Content Track

Broadcasters and media players alike have welcomed News Content Track (NCT), the new service announced by TAM Media Research to further strengthen individual content tracking of channels. The industry reaction suggests that this new service will be very helpful in taking tactical learning results. It will also help advertisers identify the type of content they want to be associated with.

exchange4media spoke to a few broadcasters and media planners to get their reactions on this new service.

Commenting on how this new service would be beneficial for the industry, Neeraj Sanan, Vice-President - Marketing, Star News, said, “In a 24x7 news channel, the rating is by news and not the programme. If this new service can regulate data to ensure perfect comparability, then it will be great for us. The deeper you dive, the better is the insight.”

Sandeep Sharma, Senior VP - Sales & Marketing, Times Global Broadcasting, said, “News Content Track is very useful and, in fact, Times Now has been a catalyst in motivating TAM to generate this on an ongoing basis for news channels. Viewership data analysis leads to certain content hypotheses which are subjective, but once you map it with content track data, the hypothesis gets scientific and hence, leads to an informed decision making for programming decisions. This will help in taking more strategy-oriented decisions when it comes to programming.”

Chirantan Chandran, Partner - Client Leadership heading Mindshare North & East, was of the view, “NCT might prove to be very useful for the broadcasters. Today, each channel is trying to get better insights into the viewership profile, moving beyond just number analysis. The new service will help to link it back to the content that each channel is dishing out and help them come up with a winning formula. However, this might lead to news content getting more outlined in a space that already is low on differentiation.”

“NCT will help agencies and advertisers to better identify the type of content one wants to get associated with. And this decision will be more objective going forward with the help of NCT instead of the perception of the marketplace. Results getting linked back to content are going to be one of the key areas in the future as ROI becomes the heart of all marketing and communication planning,” he added.

Mona Jain, Head, Strategic Investments, India Media Exchange, noted, “With this new service, broadcasters will be able to evaluate as to what kind of news is working for them, at what time slot, and which journalist and programmes. This will enable them to link it to the content and they should be able to make more appropriate sales, backed with quantitative numbers.”

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