Indian Television Academy (ITA) set to organise ‘On Television’

Indian Television Academy (ITA) set to organise ‘On Television’

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Jan 01,1900 7:22 AM

Indian Television Academy (ITA) set to organise ‘On Television’

Television in India has burgeoned on to massive proportions and yet its working ethos leaves a lot to be desired. Things often drift to chaotic situations because of a total lack of cohesiveness in the different sections of this Industry.

The ITA Seminar ‘On Television’is envisaged as a platform to interface amongst all the sectors of TV Industry. Hence the entire band of Television Professionals and Administrators, be it the Channel Heads, Producers, Directors, Marketing Chiefs, Financial Experts, Artistes etc., will join issues with one another and thereby, thrash out the loads of problems, besetting Indian Television, today.

‘On Television’to be held in Mumbai on 12th and 13th April is the first such concerted effort. In it, the apex personalities from different disciplines of Television would speak their minds about the various pressing and distressing questions that have enveloped this medium, today.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Television has become part and parcel of everyday life. It has entrenched itself deeply in the collective Psyche of our times and hence, the paramount significance can never be ignored.

Television, in India, has really come of age. It has burgeoned to unmitigated proportions as an Industry. Still, its working patterns have left much to be desired. Much can be found amiss in its operative ethos, here.

To streamline that and to garner and galvanize the entire work-force of Television, in India under one umbrella, the Indian Television Academy came into being. Envisioned by Anu & Shashi Ranjan, with their wealth of experience in the medium, it was planned as a conduit for all the disparate elements of the Industry, threading them together into a single, cohesive whole.

The Seminar will have six segments: The First word, Production, Marketing, Channel Producer Relations, Legal & Financing Matters and Talent.

By and large, this Seminar would facilitate interplay of opinions and concerns of all the disparate sections of Television. Such platforms are the only hope to wipe off the impasse of non-communication in the Industry, which, in turn, becomes the root cause of so much of rancour and resentment in this otherwise such a beautifully creative genre.

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