Indian Idol clinches impressive opening numbers for Sony

Indian Idol clinches impressive opening numbers for Sony

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Saturday, Nov 06,2004 8:28 AM

Indian Idol clinches impressive opening numbers for Sony

Call it the efficient marketing force or the impact of an internationally successful format, the power of the Fremantle name, hard work, foresight and attention towards details or simply lady luck that’s favouring Sony, ‘Indian Idol’ has fetched something for the channel to smile wide. The format show’s opening numbers have delivered some of the best ratings that even the driver shows, presently find difficult to register.

On the opening night, October 28, TAM Media Research's numbers show that in the target CS 4+ Hindi speaking market, the show managed a TRP of 5.8, which dipped to a 4.9 on Saturday and took a U-turn touching 5.5 on October 30. Just for an indication, the numbers are higher than the channel’s driver show like ‘Jassi…’ and ‘Kkusum’ or even weekend hits like CID and Crime Patrol. Needless to say, as is the case with Sony, the numbers in cities like Mumbai and Delhi have managed ratings as high as 9+ and 8+ respectively.

The channel partnered with production houses Miditech and Optimystix to bring this property on Indian television and the excitement from these quarters is obvious. “This is a great start for the show and at some level, as per expectations,” says Nikhil Alva, CEO, Miditech, “The ground feedback we received, whether it was likeability index or other factors, is fabulous and from here the show will only gain momentum and build on further.”

A sentiment echoed by Sanjiv Sharma of Optimystix, “There is no doubt that it will only get better when people get more involved with it in days to come. We were very confident about the show performing right from the start. In fact, these are some of the highest opening numbers for any 2004 launch.”

Media experts too are viewing the numbers in a positive light, “These are very good opening numbers,” says Divya Radhakrishnan, Vice President, The MediaEdge, “However, this was one show, which had extensive marketing. The opening numbers can be a result of that too. Many people would have been on the channel just out of curiosity.”

“It is largely seen that whenever a channel’s might backs a programme all the way, the sampling is good. While this is a great opening, the show will still stabilise in two–three weeks. Content and the right packaging will play a role from here on,” expresses Starcom’s Manish Porwal.

Evidently, all concerned do view this as good opening numbers and have expressed that now that the ball has started rolling, it is up to Sony to see how it keeps the momentum going.

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