India@MipTV: New concepts, new deals, new conversations

India@MipTV: New concepts, new deals, new conversations

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Apr 16,2010 8:13 AM

India@MipTV: New concepts, new deals, new conversations

The mood at the festival stayed energetic and charged. Eighty per cent of the participants remained in the market, while the rest attended conferences and sessions. International partnerships, co-productions, including ambitious ‘event’ mini-series, and the format sector were some of the talking points of the programming market MipTV 2010. The event saw 11,500 delegates, including 4,000 buyers, which is an increase of 5 per cent from last year. MipTV officials explained that India was well represented at the forum.

From Reliance ADA Group’s Rajesh Sawhney and Big FM’s Tarun Katial to Miditech’s team and various teams from channels like STAR India, Imagine, Zee TV and Sahara, Indian companies were busy at the festival.

Sawhney attended most sessions on the connected audience and the new world, and in a casual conversation agreed that even for India, that was where the broadcasting game was headed. Katial was seen in the sessions and in the market, and though he is not speaking on anything, the general murmur was that the preparation for Reliance’s television venture is back on.

Regulars like Niret Alva from Miditech were also seen attending sessions, along with Nivedith Alva. Executives from STAR India were also spotted on way to meetings at the market. Zee TV and Sahara India had busy day at their booths as well.

Miditech and Global Agency signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at Cannes to strengthen their partnership with a pact of agreement, where Miditech will produce television shows for Indian broadcasters using the formats developed by Global Agency and, on the other hand, Global Agency would distribute the formats developed by Miditech to international broadcasters. The MoU was signed by Managing Director of Miditech Pvt Ltd, Nivedith Alva, and Global Agency CEO Izzat Pinto.

In a prepared statement, Nivedith Alva said, “Miditech has not just an incredible track record when it comes to localising mega global formats for the Indian market, it has consistently focused on developing original formats and drama series for the domestic market, many of which have the potential to travel globally. The tie-up with Global Agency, with whom we’ve built a strong relationship in India with ‘Perfect Bride’, will give us access to some of the biggest and most controversial global formats for the Indian market, as well as create an additional distribution network for own home grown formats.”

India was discussed in various sessions and players like News Corp reiterated that India would see significant focus from the companies in 2010 as well. Another point that was clear though was that most players were not keen on spending much on the digital front in India, yet.

The word of the day had to be ‘freemium’ for the digital players. MipTV sessions saw Kate Bulkley, media commentator and a journalist from the UK, moderate sessions with Twitter Media Partnerships Director and with Keynote Speaker Jonathan Miller from News Corp on the first and the second days of the event. In a conversation on the sidelines of the event, Bulkley, who is attending her 20th MipTV, was talking more on ‘freemium’, which according to her as well, is one of the key takeoffs from this conference.

Some of the other buzz words were Internet connected TV, 3D TV, social networking, augmented reality and applications. For the audience here, this was the year when iPad was launched and that is expected to change the conversations, and this is the year that YouTube will break even.

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