India TV to hike its ad rates by 50% from April

India TV to hike its ad rates by 50% from April

Author | Tuhina Anand | Thursday, Feb 15,2007 7:32 AM

India TV to hike its ad rates by 50% from April

India TV has decided to hike its ad rates by a whopping 50 per cent. The new ad rates will be effective April 1, 2007. The channel claims that the decision to hike the ad rates was influenced by the fact that India TV has doubled its channel share in the last 12 to 15 months. According to Chintamani Rao, CEO, India TV, the channel share has gone up from 7-8 per cent to 11 per cent in the last one year.

Explaining the impending rate hike, Rao said, “Our relative share has grown hugely in the past one year and now that TAM has moved to NRS 2006 as its base, the real reach of TV is showing. All TV channels deliver a great many more eyeballs than previous data showed. Our larger share in this larger base means we are reaching much larger audiences. Consequently, the channel is raising its ad rates by an average of 50 per cent from April 1 on a cost-per-thousand basis, and that’s still a great deal.”

When asked if the rate hike might deter some of the advertisers on the channel, Rao said, “Nobody welcomes an increase in price but the question is whether we are able to deliver value to our advertisers. I think with India TV’s performance and the way we have moved ahead, this will not be an issue.”

In keeping with its ethos of viewer participation, India TV has recently initiated “Alert Viewer” which invites viewers and allows the public to raise their voice and bring to light issues that concern the society.

Taking advantage of new platforms, India TV is available internationally on broadband and will soon be on IPTV. It is currently on test on IPTV and mobile TV platforms. India TV also provides content to Times Broadband.

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