India TV launches news show, 'Breaking News', with video footage of D-Company

India TV launches news show, 'Breaking News', with video footage of D-Company

Author | Shanta Saikia | Thursday, Oct 20,2005 8:07 AM

India TV launches news show, 'Breaking News', with video footage of D-Company

In this era of breaking news by the second, where nearly anything and everything is presented as 'fresh, shocking, earthshaking', India TV managed to grab attention with the inaugural episode of its new news show titled, what else, 'Breaking News'. The news channel had earlier gone to town with teaser ads stating "Breaking News at 9 pm".

The focus of the inaugural show, which was aired on October 19 at 9:15 pm, was Dawood Ibrahim and his D-Company. The programme showed never seen before video footage of the underworld don, now declared a global terrorist, at the inauguration of some function, presumably in Dubai.

Not just that, the video film also caught well-known Bollywood star and current Member of Parliament Govinda with Dawood and his associates at the function. The video was provided to India TV by one of its viewer's, who understandably wanted to remain anonymous.

According to Rajat Sharma, Editor-in-Chief at India TV, "Astonishing as it is to see never-before pictures of Dawood, the video is a never-before opportunity to highlight Bollywood's unholy nexus with the Dubai underworld. The D-Company video forces us to think deeper about an industry, which is the source of so much pleasure to us and our loved ones. It brings back on the national agenda the urgent need to cleanse the funding that fuels one of the few world-class industries that we can boast of."

"Our intent has been to portray evidence never presented before, and not to cast aspersions on the individuals involved or their affiliates. People depicted as part of the presentation are incidental. There is always more to life than what is visible to the eye, on both the good and the bad side, and India TV understands this equation very well. By engaging experts from within the Indian film industry and opinion leaders in the show the thrust has been on taking the debate to a higher level and capturing a wider view on the underlying issues," he added.

'Breaking News' is about unveiling facts hereto not known on subjects and issues of national and social importance presented by Sharma and Sudhir Choudhary, in a format which leverages interactivity and live generation of news. A three hour show, from 9.00 pm to midnight, Monday to Friday, 'Breaking News' will have genre defining format and content.

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