India shines again and so do Star Sports fortunes

India shines again and so do Star Sports fortunes

Author | Ritu Midha | Tuesday, Jan 06,2004 7:04 AM

India shines again and so do Star Sports fortunes

One always hears that media plans are made months in advance and hence sudden investments are not an easy thing to make. However, this does not appear to be the case when it comes to Cricket – especially when India makes a score of 700 odd runs. India’s good run Down Under has not only made fans grin from ear to ear but has also brought a smile to ESPN Star Sports.

India pocketed the second match of the series and it led to more advertisers emerging on the scene. But that was just the beginning of a good innings for the channel. The match today has brought even more advertisers on board. India’s huge score has not only led to higher TRPs but also more involvement in the match. What more can an advertiser ask for? Heinz, Gujarat Ambuja, Nerolac and Medimix definitely believe nothing! And hence they have decided to be on the Star Sports bandwagon.

Are these brands eager advertisers on Cricket or has India’s good performance encouraged them to experiment? Replies Sanjay Kailash, Director (Advertising Sales), ESPN Software India, “They are not traditional advertisers on Cricket, and hence their coming on board is a sort of achievement.”

And what are the expectations from this match and a number of cricket properties lined up on the channel for nearly the entire year? Kailash naturally is excited, “If you look at the last day of the second match, it delivered ratings close to 6.1. That is normally the kind of ratings an ODI gives us. We expect similar or even better ratings.”

Would the current form of the Indian team mean an increase in ad rates for ESPN Star Sports? Replies Kailash, “Yes, it should pay off. We might be hiking the ad rates but we would have to wait for this series to get over before making any concrete decisions. ODI series would commence from 9th of this month and at the moment all eyes are on that.”

Any clue as to what extent the channel plans to hike the rates? “Increased ratings would lead to an increase in the ad rates even at the current CPRP. Second, it would depend on inventory available and the clients’ wanting to invest,” states Kailash.

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