Imagine back with Swayamvar-4; eyes top 4 GEC rankings

Imagine back with Swayamvar-4; eyes top 4 GEC rankings

Author | Suraj Ramnath | Monday, Dec 05,2011 7:26 AM

Imagine back with Swayamvar-4; eyes top 4 GEC rankings

Seeking to repeat the success of the preceding seasons of ‘Swayamvar’, Imagine TV is returning with the fourth season of the show with previous season’s ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Veena Malik.

Imagine had a very successful start to this programme in the year 2009 with ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamwar’ in its first season.

Commenting on the show, Vivek Bahl, Chief Content Officer, Turner General Entertainment Networks India Pvt Ltd, said, “‘Swayamvar’ is one of the most sought after shows on our channel with a very strong viewer connect. We are delighted to bring its fourth season with the dynamic Veena Malik.”

He further said that the channel had big marketing plans ahead for the show. “We would be doing a 360-degree marketing strategy for our show using television, print, outdoor and digital as our medium as this is a very big show for us,” he added.

Bahl also said, “We are looking to achieve top four rankings before ‘Veena Ki Vivah’ starts. There is still some time before the show starts. We are not relying on only this show to take us to that top 4 ranking. Our target is to reach the top of the table with normal fiction shows, which is like the daily ‘daal’ and ‘roti’ for the people.”

When asked what worked for non-fiction shows, Bahl admitted, “Very honestly, I don’t know how it works with non-fiction shows for the long term. I believe in doing more Indian fiction shows than non-fiction. Even if it is a non-fiction show, it will be with more Indian feel to it. I don’t think it is a good idea to do too much of non-fiction shows.”

He revealed that the channel had some aggressive plans and was looking to launch new shows starting from January 2012. “When I say shows, these are not big shows, but small shows. We are going to mainly focus on fiction shows rather than on reality shows,” he divulged.


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