ICC World Cup ’07: Ratings have little to offer in third week

ICC World Cup ’07: Ratings have little to offer in third week

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Apr 09,2007 9:06 AM

ICC World Cup ’07: Ratings have little to offer in third week

In the third week of numbers, the ICC World Cup 2007 has seen a drop in the viewership figures. The non-India matches rating a 2 plus in the C&S 4+ was a good sign for MAX. However, only the Australia versus West Indies match played on March 27 has crossed the 2 plus mark.

TAM Media Research data shows that this match has rated a 2.46. The next best in the week was the Sri Lanka versus South Africa match, which has a rating of 1.24. Another match to cross the 1 TRP mark is West Indies versus New Zealand match, which is at 1.07.

A key trend seen across ratings is that the first hour of the matches is throwing good numbers. An example was the Bermuda versus Bangladesh match, (the last hope for India still playing in the Super Eight) that was played on March 25. The match opened at a TVR of 2.41, but overall rated a 0.84 TRP. The England versus Ireland match on March 30 opened at a 1.35, but the overall ratings are 0.89.

Sneha Rajani, Business Head, MAX, had said that international cricket was picking up in India. However, the ratings of non-India matches this week are lower than what was seen last week. Channel officials believe that as the Super Eight draws to a close and the fight toughens, the ratings will see an increase in the forthcoming weeks again.

Ratings Replay

The ICC World Cup kicked off on March 13 and the numbers released then showed that the West Indies versus Pakistan match rated 4+. The Australia versus Scotland match rated 2. The other two matches that have some numbers to show are Sri Lanka versus Bermuda, and England versus New Zealand — both are at 2 TRP. The high scorer, needless to say, was the India versus Bangladesh match, where on MAX, the show had a rating of almost 6 TRP, and 2.6 on SAB.

While these are the C&S numbers, for the all-India 4+, DD scored a 2.4 TRP for the West Indies versus Pakistan match, and almost a 5 TRP for the India versus Bangladesh match.

Bringing the India versus Bangladesh match under the scanner, in the case of DD, the first half of the match had gained a TRP of almost 7 in the all 4+ TG, while the second was at 2.3. The trend was similar in the case of MAX and SAB as well for the C&S 4+ TG. On MAX, the first half almost rated an 8, and the second was at 4, number dropping even further as the match progressed.

The other matches between teams like Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Kenya and Canada haven’t even crossed the 1 TRP mark. In fact, the South Africa versus Netherlands match was just a 0.4 rating.

The winning match with Bermuda for the C&S 4+ scored 5.76 in the all-India market for MAX and a 3.19 for SAB. For the all-India 4+, DD 1 made a 4.71 for this match — needless to say that these numbers are higher than that of India versus Bangladesh match. The ‘make or break’ match with Sri Lanka has rated higher than these matches. For the C&S TG, MAX got a 6.68 for the India versus Sri Lanka match and SAB was at 3.59. DD 1 rated a 5.22 in the all-India TG for these matches.

At least DD and SAB have no other match that is worth mentioning in terms of TRPs, as the ratings have not even crossed the 1 TRP mark. MAX however, still has something going for itself with the other matches.

The Australia versus South Africa match that played on March 24 was rated the highest in the non-India matches, with a 2.33 in the C&S 4+ TG. The next best is Sri Lanka versus Bangladesh match at 2.31, which was played on March 21. New Zealand appears to be garnering interest as well with both its matches, with Kenya and Canada rating at 1.07 and 1.24 respectively.

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