ICC T20 World Cup ratings: Despite India’s early exit, media planners not too disappointed

ICC T20 World Cup ratings: Despite India’s early exit, media planners not too disappointed

Author | Khushboo Tanna | Friday, May 21,2010 8:28 AM

ICC T20 World Cup ratings: Despite India’s early exit, media planners not too disappointed

India's performance at the ICC T20 World Cup 2010 left cricket fans disappointed, however, media planners draw consolation from the ratings that show that the average ratings for the matches that India played in was approximately 5.5 TVR. This, say media planners, is a good number given the fact that there has been so much fragmentation in the market and considering that the ICC T20 World Cup came immediately after the IPL had concluded.

The matches were being telecast on ESPN Star while the India matches were telecast on DD1 as well. The first India – Afghanistan match got a rating of 3.98 TVR, C&S 4+ All India for while the second match between India and SA got a rating of 6.02 TVR, and the India – Australia matched got 4.70 TVR. The next two matches that India played was against West Indies and Sri Lanka respectively and these matches managed to secure 6.97 TVR and 5.87 TVR respectively. All the matches that India played was telecast on DD1 as well and the numbers represent that.

While the first three matches were telecast at 6.44 pm, the other two matches were telecast at 7.14 pm and 10.14 pm respectively. R. Venkata Subramanian, VP, Lintas Media Group says that the timings affect the ratings of the matches and since the IPL matches were telecast in primetime, the ratings are a little bit higher. “Even with a not so good performance by Team India, the average of all the India playing matches was 5.5 TVR, which is a good number.” He says that number would have increased if India would have stayed till the semi finals.

Another reason of the low numbers could have been the fatigue of watching back to back cricket for over 45 days, says PM Balakrishna, VP, Allied Media as the T20 World Cup started almost immediately after the IPL. He adds that the IPL has a bigger connect with the audience than the T20 World Cup. Which is why the spot rate for T20 World Cup is lower than the spot rate during the IPL matches. “While the average rating of India-specific matches is good, as far as T20 World Cup is concerned, it is lower than the IPL,” he added.

The performance of the matches were India was not playing has been even lower, some as low as 0.03 TVR (South Africa- Afghanistan). The finals between England and Australia managed to get a rating of 2.96, which is lower than the first India-Afghanistan match as well.

Kartik Sharma, GM, Maxus says that the basic interest level is different in these matches as IPL is one team v/s another team whereas in the T20 World Cup, one country is playing with another country. So, the ratings of the T20 matches will be higher if India is playing, otherwise it will be low; but that is not the case with IPL as no matter what team is playing, some part of the audience will always find it interesting.

Talking about the numbers of the matches, he says, “Given the fragmentation in the market, the numbers are pretty decent.”

While both these tournaments have its own set of followers, media planners and advertisers have resonated with the fact that IPL will probably garner more ratings than T20 World Cup.

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