ICC CWC'11: India-West Indies among top 3 most viewed matches

ICC CWC'11: India-West Indies among top 3 most viewed matches

Author | Fatema Rajkotwala | Monday, Mar 28,2011 10:28 AM

ICC CWC'11: India-West Indies among top 3 most viewed matches

It has been a week high on adrenalin in the cricket community, with the World Cup 2011 coming to the most awaited leg of the tournament, the Semi-Finals. The final four that made it – India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and New Zealand – will be a delight to watch and promise to deliver a good game of cricket till the very end.

As per data from TAM Sports for the C&S 4+ six-metro markets, of the 42 qualifying matches leading up the Quarter Finals, within the past two weeks, the India-West Indies match has emerged a winner on the ratings scoreboard. The match has scored a rating of 9.96 TVR, with a peak rating of 16.69 TVR, making it the third most viewed match in the tournament.

In terms of reach, the match managed a 9.96 TVR in CS with a viewership count of around 28 million, 8.50 TVR in terrestrial and a rating point of 11.33 TVR in digital markets. The hosting broadcaster earned a channel rating of 6.24 TVR on Star Cricket tapping close to 19 million viewers, while Star Sports clocked a rating of 2.35 TVR with around 8 million viewers. DD1 scored a 1.45 TVR from the match, reaching out to about 7.5 million viewers.

The top matches in terms of viewer interest continue to be India matches, with India-England at the top with 12.63 TVR, followed by the India-South Africa match scoring a 10.85 TVR. The India-West Indies match holds the third position now, topping the previous third most viewed match between India-Ireland, which scored a match rating of 9.80 TVR.

Non-India match ratings
Among the non-India matches, the knockout match between teams Pakistan and Australia kept audiences glued to their television sets, as this match was instrumental in deciding if the tournament would lead to an India-Pakistan duel in the finals.

Sure enough, the numbers that have rolled in have catapulted the match as the second most viewed non-India match, with a rating of 2.48 TVR in the C&S 4 + six-metro market. The top viewed match in this category continues to be the Pakistan-New Zealand match that scored a rating point of 2.62 TVR in these markets.

Another match that held viewer interest without the India factor involved was the West Indies-England match that scored a 2.28 TVR, making it the third most viewed non-India match. In terms of peak rating, the match shot up to 7.33 TVR in these markets.










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