ICC CWC'11: And the ratings keep coming in…

ICC CWC'11: And the ratings keep coming in…

Author | Fatema Rajkotwala | Monday, Mar 14,2011 11:26 AM

ICC CWC'11: And the ratings keep coming in…

As weeks roll by, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 has picked up speed, moving past the middle leg of the tournament. With less than 20 matches to go, the only concern facing the industry is whether India would make it to the Quarter Finals or not. But for now, what was otherwise expected to be a non-match, India-Ireland has turned out to be the second most viewed match in six metros in India, as per TAM Sports for the target audience C&S 4+.

On the Top
In the six-metro markets, as per data from TAM Sports, the top rated match continues to be India-England with a rating of 12.63 TVR and peak of 24.09 TVR. The new second highest grosser is the too-close-for-comfort India-Ireland match at 9.80 TVR with a peak rating of 20.24 TVR. Next in the order comes the opening match between India and Bangladesh at 7.8 TVR, peaking at 12.48 TVR.

On an average, the first 24 matches have delivered a rating of 2.4 TVR in these markets.

2007 Vs 2011
Comparing the six-metro numbers this year to the last World Cup in 2007, on an average the first 24 matches have pulled in similar ratings of 2.3 TVR. The top rated match in 2007 was that between Sri Lanka and India at 13.08 TVR, which was scheduled as the twentieth match of the tournament.

The next two top rated matches were Matches 12 and 8, respectively, again with India playing against Bermuda that scored 10.96 TVR and with Bangladesh, which pulled in a 9.56 TVR. On an average, the entire tournament of 51 matches pulled an average of 2.06 TVR.

This year, with the total match count down to 49 matches, the World Cup 2011 has seen a top rating of 12.63 TVR, a rating that is close enough to beat the top rated match of 2007 and poised to set a new record.

In terms of reach numbers recorded, data shows that the highest watch match in 2007 pulled in viewership of 25 million plus, while this year the top match between India and England has crossed 31 million plus viewers.

















Source: TAM Sports
Market: 6 Metros
TG: CS 4+

When Not India...
From the 24 match ratings, if the three India matches are excluded, the non-India matches have averaged at 1.29 TVR on the ratings scorecard. Among these, two matches have team Pakistan in common. The highest non-India rated matches have been those between Pakistan and Sri Lanka that scored a 3.24 TVR and the more recent, New Zealand versus Pakistan match that pulled a 2.62 TVR.






















Source: TAM Sports
Market: 6 Metros
TG: CS 4+

Channel Angle
For the broadcast sponsor, ESS, the India-Ireland match pulled ratings of 6.8 TVR and 2.47 TVR on Star Cricket and Star Sports, respectively, with a combined viewership of about 29 million. DD1 raked in a 1.45 TVR with a viewership of about 7.5 million. The India-England match had drawn a combined rating of 9.12 for the ESS network and 1.95 TVR for DD1.

Among the non-India matches, England versus South Africa drew a 1.08 TVR for ESPN. The match between Kenya and Canada drew a similar combined rating of 1.03 TVR on Star Cricket and Star Sports. New Zealand versus Pakistan pulled a combined rating of about 2.5 TVR on Star Cricket and Star Sports with a combined viewership reach of about 19 million.


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