ICC CWC'11: India-England match tops charts in All India Nos

ICC CWC'11: India-England match tops charts in All India Nos

Author | Fatema Rajkotwala | Thursday, Mar 10,2011 11:37 AM

ICC CWC'11:  India-England match tops charts in All India Nos

With about 25 matches played in the ICC World Cup 2011 so far, TAM Sports has released the ratings for up to Match 20, Sri Lanka versus Australia, played on Saturday, March 5.

The Winning Match
The India-England match played on Sunday, February 27, has emerged as the top performing match on the ratings charts for the target group C&S 4+ in All-India markets with a 10.97 TVR. The match peaked at 20.96 TVR.

For the India-England match alone, the broadcast sponsor channels on the ESPN-STAR Sports (ESS) network have garnered high viewership and channel ratings, similar to those in the six-metro markets. Star Cricket raked in a 5.30 TVR, while Star Sports and ESPN managed 2.75 TVR and 1.07 TVR, respectively. DD1 gained a rating of 1.95 TVR for the match.

In the digital universe, the match scored a 12.51 TVR, while terrestrial recorded a rating of 10.75 TVR.

Comparing the data to the last World Cup in 2007, the top three matches were those that had an India factor such as matches with Sri Lanka, Bermuda or Bangladesh, with the highest match rating going up to 12.2 TVR with Sri Lanka. Next came in ratings for the India-Bermuda match with a 10.10 TVR, followed by the India-Bangladesh match, which pulled in a rating of 9.56 TVR.

Top Scorers
Of the 20-plus matches played in the tournament, India-Bangladesh has come in second in the ratings race with a 12.2 TVR in All India markets. The closest third is the Pakistan-Sri Lanka match, which pulled in a 3.8 TVR, followed by the unpredictable England-Ireland match that grossed a 1.69 TVR on a nationwide scale.

Except for weekend preferences being a factor that pulls in more viewers, there is no specific choice of time band or weekday that has been favoured by the audiences. The crowd puller continues to be the lure of watching India play or a match that has generated interest due to nail-biting results.

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Source: Tam Sports; C&S All India markets

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