IBF’s BCCC committee evaluates TV programmes

IBF’s BCCC committee evaluates TV programmes

Author | Arwa Sultanali | Monday, Feb 06,2012 7:57 AM

IBF’s BCCC committee evaluates TV programmes

The Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) held a seminar on February 4, 2012 that brought together programming heads and channel heads to evaluate the complaints received by the Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC). The BCCC is an independent council set up by the IBF to examine complaints about television programmes received from viewers or any other sources.

The Council has also set up its own comprehensive self-regulatory guidelines, a compliance mechanism to be followed by all channels to keep content, a subjective issue, in check. Therefore, the seminar was also about understanding how the BCCC’s self-regulatory guidelines would be applicable to non-news channels.

Naresh Chahal, Director – Finance, IBF, remarked, “This is a step to educate, to tell them what sort of complaints have been received in the last seven months and how we can improve if there is any area that is required to be improved.”

Ashok Nambissan, EVP & General Counsel at Multi Screen Media Pvt Ltd noted here, “As responsible broadcasters we need to deal with certain subjects more sensitively, keeping in mind that television has far greater reach than even cinema.”

Manish Wadkar, Director – Legal, Head S&P Dept, Viacom18, noted that there was no censor board for programmes as there was for films. “BCCC insists on self-regulatory guidelines for all channels while editing programmes so that no adult content, no obscene factors, no degradation of women, no racial slurs, no foul language get through. That was the intent of this body and its self-regulation guidelines. This meeting is to educate programming heads on how to apply the self-regulatory guidelines for the programmes.”

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