I&B Ministry plans policy on music videos

I&B Ministry plans policy on music videos

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Jun 30,2005 7:03 AM

I&B Ministry plans policy on music videos

The Ministry plans to discuss the issue with representatives of the music channels and video producers later this week.

Obscene music videos are once again troubling the Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry, with television and cable channels continuing to air adult fare during prime time.

While the Government is trying to evolve a policy on airing of `A' or `U/A' certified music videos, the Ministry has found that the many of the music, entertainment, and cable channels have been telecasting `A' and `UA' certified songs.

The Ministry has received complaints from several media watch groups and women's organisations stating that the visuals in these "un-censored, indecent and objectionable" music videos/re-mix film songs are not only denigrating to women but have deleterious effect on children.

It has been pointed out that these violate the Programme Code prescribed under the Cable TV Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995.

The nodal Ministry is now planning to meet representatives of the music channels as well as video producers later this week to discuss this issue and formulate a policy on music videos.

At an earlier meeting between content providers, broadcasters and consumer groups, it was agreed that there could be a special time-band for screening adult music videos.

Currently, the rules of the Cable Act strictly prohibit airing such `A' or `U/A' certified music videos.

"The Government is keen that a policy should be evolved along with inputs from the industry," said Government officials.

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