How BARC plans to avoid an IRS

How BARC plans to avoid an IRS

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Thursday, Aug 07,2014 9:24 AM

How BARC plans to avoid an IRS

The discontent with the last IRS survey released by MRUC and lack of clarity on a deadline has led to questions being raised on the upcoming BARC data.

With a delay in the October deadline several questions have been raised on BARC ‘s new roll out date.

However on the back of the IRS fiasco, BARC seems to be taking the route of better safe than sorry,

Whilst the IRS survey resulted in 18 print publishers have jointly issuing a statement asking RSCI and MRUC to withdraw the results of IRS Q4 2013 immediately as well as put a stop to all future editions of the survey, also led to relevant questions being raised on BARC data on how will BARC be applying the recent learnings following the fiasco on IRS numbers that led to court case and discontent among stake holders is the question industry leaders are asking .

“Yes they are good learnings. We on our part are very focused on the process right now with the belief that the outcome will be good. Having said that we are also ensuring adequate checks and counterchecks both for data and also for technology through trials, etc. so that the probability of error is reduced. We are validating and crosschecking data with all available Govt. data from Census, NCAER and TRAI for working our panel design.” Partho Dasgupta, ‎Chief Executive Officer, BARC India.

While the IRS revalidation is still awaited one thing is certain, BARC cannot take a chance of any surprise elements or anomalies. Dispelling concerns over irregularities on BARC “For BARC, all stakeholders are involved at every step in the deciding process, rules and data structures, to the extent that there will be no surprises for the stakeholders,” Dasgupta had said in an  earlier interview with exchange4media.

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