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HBO's high rated property 'Sex and the City' ready to bid adieu

HBO's high rated property 'Sex and the City' ready to bid adieu

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, May 17,2006 8:45 AM

HBO's high rated property 'Sex and the City' ready to bid adieu

HBO's popular property and one of the highest rated series in India, 'Sex and the City' is set for a grand finale. Premiering May 14, 2006, the finale will be presented in two all-new episodes back-to-back every Sunday after the 8 pm movie.

Shruti Bajpai, Country Manager, HBO Asia, said, "HBO's 'Sex and the City' has proven itself to be a phenomenon in television entertainment, which is exemplified by the laurels it has won as well as the overwhelming response that the past seasons have received from its patron viewers in India. With Season 5 and 6, 'Sex and the City' is all set, once again, to touch the hearts of women and men alike with its engaging storyline and relatable content."

The show's four heroines represent a contrasting mix of archetypes. For the uninitiated, there's columnist Carrie Bradshaw, who is in search of "butterflies-in-the-stomach" true love; Miranda Hobbes, a single mother who is trying to juggle the pressures of work, motherhood and dating; Charlotte York, who comes to realise that her world need not be so perfect; and Samantha Jones, a public relations executive who lives life on her own terms without regrets.

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