GV Films to make 3D TV ads, serials a reality

GV Films to make 3D TV ads, serials a reality

Author | Source: Business Line | Saturday, May 13,2006 7:20 AM

GV Films to make 3D TV ads, serials a reality

Heavily armed enemies are closing in fast and there is no way out. It is vital to escape alive because an important document has to be handed over to the authorities. But smiling to himself, the spy with absolute sang-froid just inserts his index finger into the electric plughole and zzzzzzzzzz !!! As electricity passes through, all of him except his right hand disappears. Invisible, the spy passes through the battery of baffled enemies ...

Mayavi in action

For those who grew up reading Irumbu kai mayavi, Tamil for `steel-handed phantom' in the Muthu comics series, the thrill of the steel fist giving the devil to the scum of the Earth is something that can never be had enough of. So the prospect of seeing the mayavi in action on the television screen is pretty heart-warming. And if the action can be seen in 3D? Delirium!

However, Mayavi — one of the two 3D television serials being made by GV Films Ltd — is not meant just to please the comic-book loving grown-up kids, but also to explore the hidden opportunities in three-dimensional ad-clips. The other serial, is Paramapadam, (the game of snake-and-ladder). The two serials, incidentally, are to be screened on Jaya TV.

According to Mr V. Subramonian, President-Corporate Affairs, GV Films, a number of FMCG companies are talking to the company for working out a contract.

A 3D film (feature or ad) that can be watched on the small screen has not been attempted in India. Reasons offered: technology and distribution of the viewing glasses. G V Films has been able to overcome these barriers through an exclusive tie-up with Dimension 3 of US. The tie-up, according to Mr Subramonian, has given the company the "early mover advantage." With this tie-up, the company has offered to make ad-movies too — another revenue stream.

FMCG companies will chip in and address the issue of distribution of viewing glasses. Along with a toothpaste tube, a soft drink or a pack of detergent powder, the customer would get a freebie — a 3D viewing glass. Actually, they are not so much glasses, as coated films. It costs only around Rs 7 and may cost less on higher volumes.

The viewer watches the 3D TV serial wearing the glasses. During the commercial breaks, he or she watches the 3D ad clips. The two arms of the glasses also offer advertisement opportunities.

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