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Guest Column: 'Acche Din Kab Aayenge?' The '100 days' analysis of Modi govt

Guest Column: 'Acche Din Kab Aayenge?' The '100 days' analysis of Modi govt

Author | Mitrajit Bhattacharya | Wednesday, Aug 20,2014 8:19 AM

Guest Column: 'Acche Din Kab Aayenge?' The '100 days' analysis of Modi govt

100 days is a media created hype. No government can show dramatic results within 100 days. What it can show is "intent"; and the new government has hardly put a wrong foot forward in that regard. Let’s look at some of the key measures Modi has undertaken, which if implemented over the next 1-2 years, I am sure will deliver the goods for India.

1. Modi has hand-picked his cabinet colleagues, largely focusing on their delivery quotients. He has even over-burdened efficient administrators like Arun Jaitley and didn't mind assigning key ministries to leaders he feels capable of delivering even if they had lost the elections, e.g. Jaitley again, Smriti Irani.

2. He overhauled even the bureaucracy. He has hand-picked once again his key team of secretaries in important ministries as he knows it’s finally the Babus who will deliver for him.

3. His foreign policies also have been calibrated, warming up to neighbours as well as the US and Russia has sent the right signals. Even the tough stance on WTO and measured approach on the BRICS Bank were well executed.

4. Even his back room boys have gone around fire fighting the crisis of hostages in Iraq in a very efficient manner.

5. On the economic front, the budget was forward looking. The FM managed to put more money into the pocket of the middle class which hopefully should kick-start the economy. The Sensex today is hovering around 26,000 points and the first quarter results of most large corporates have been very positive.

6. Most importantly, India is back in business. The US, France, Russia, China all are warming up to India once again. Investments have started to pour in.

7. Monsoons were a worry, now that the government has completely ruled out drought; we are poised for a great agri-bonanza. Even okaying the trial of GM crops is a really bold step towards making India food-sufficient.

8. Most importantly, Modi as a PM, has shown great statesmanship and all his pre polls rhetoric seem like a distant past. And his recent extempore on the Independence Day brought a breath of fresh air after so many years of scripted speeches from the ramparts of Red Fort. However, I feel while it was highly stylised and well liked it lacked any major announcements, apart from reconstruction of the current Planning Commission.

9.  However, a word of caution.  Whether Modi government is party to the hardline Hindutva agenda being pursued by other significant BJP members and the RSS is yet to be ascertained. And the media need to keep a hawk’s eye on the same.

Keeping the above in mind, I feel the economy has started reviving and will gain further impetus around Diwali. Acche Din aayenge but give another 3-6 months to experience it. Media will get its share of due.

The author is President & Publisher, Chitralekha Group.

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