Gossip Girl goes digital to engage gossipmongers

Gossip Girl goes digital to engage gossipmongers

Author | Synjini Nandi | Tuesday, Mar 19,2013 7:01 PM

Gossip Girl goes digital to engage gossipmongers

Zee Café has launched an extensive marketing campaign for the promotion of the fifth and sixth season of its latest property ‘Gossip Girl’. The fiction series, which was launched on March 13, 2013, is telecast on the 10PM time slot.

The channel has lined up an extensive on-ground and online campaign, targeting females in all major metros. As a part of the marketing campaign, the channel has allocated around 50 per cent of its marketing spends for the digital platform, 30 per cent for television, and 10 per cent each for print and outdoor.

Anurag Bedi, Business Head, Zee Niche Channels said, “Gossip Girl is one of the most loved shows amongst younger audiences in India and Zee Café is delighted to bring the latest seasons of this cult show to them. Our endeavour is to continue to offer bigger shows, bigger formats and the newest and latest of international content.”

With the channel spending a majority of its marketing spends on the digital platform, it has come up with a Facebook app to attract youngsters (Females SEC AB in the age group of 15 to 24). The app reveals secrets about an individual’s Facebook friends, colleagues and family members. The user has to simply enter his/her friends name and ‘Gossip Girl’ herself will reveal a secret. Users can then share this piece of gossip on their Facebook walls and Twitter and the rest of their friends can start commenting on the posts and tweets. The rationale behind this app is to start up conversations and engage all Facebook addicts in harmless gossips that will get generated via the app.

In order to increase visibility, the campaign has been splashed across markets through interesting hoardings, spots in top fashion magazines, on-air promos, and standees in malls and multiplexes.

As a part of the on-ground initiative, the channel is throwing exclusive ‘Girls Night Out’ parties at Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai and Delhi. For all the ‘Gossip Girl’ buffs, the channel has associated with Juice Salon across all outlets in Mumbai where they can get the (protagonists of the show) ‘Serena and Blair’ look.

For high perceptibility, all youth sites such as Bookmyshow, Burrrp, In and Mumbai Boss have also been targeted. ‘In’ has adapted the look and feel of the show to perk up the gallery section of their site while Burrrp is giving away Gossip Girl merchandise to its consumers.

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