IMPACT Annv Spl: Changing face of Indian television

IMPACT Annv Spl: Changing face of Indian television

Author | NP Singh | Monday, Dec 19,2011 8:59 AM

IMPACT Annv Spl: Changing face of Indian television

NP Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Multi Screen Media Pvt Ltd, lists the seven reasons why the future of broadcasting is bright.

Addressable digital systems should eventually replace the analog systems which would lead to broadcasters getting a fair share of subscription revenues and reduce over-dependence on advertising revenues – sustainable business models might become a reality.

Digitisation will help release capacities to serve niche content to discerning viewers who are willing to pay a premium to consume content of their choice. Will also likely make shelf space cheaper… hopefully!

Strong economic growth (even though this year looks tough!) would lead to increase in per capita incomes and consumption resulting in higher advertising spends.

Major broadcasters are already making investments in producing content in High Definition. With digitisation and emerging new technologies, we should be able to deliver this content to a critical mass and hopefully charge a premium for it.

As the young population of India increasingly consumes entertainment ‘on the go’, television content is beginning to be monetised on new media platforms. Though this is happening in a small way, with the proliferation of new media devices and platforms, this is bound to become a good source of revenue in future.

Social media is increasingly influencing consumption of entertainment content across all mediums and television is benefiting too.

Finally, despite all new emerging technology platforms and devices, there is a vast majority of people for whom television will continue to be the primary source of entertainment in the foreseeable future and perhaps the cheapest too.

Cautiously optimistic!

(NP Singh is Chief Operating Officer, Multi Screen Media Pvt Ltd.)

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