FILMY pulls marketing muscles behind Bhojpuri Film ‘Ganga’

FILMY pulls marketing muscles behind Bhojpuri Film ‘Ganga’

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Thursday, Apr 26,2007 9:27 AM

FILMY pulls marketing muscles behind Bhojpuri Film ‘Ganga’

FILMY is all set with an aggressive marketing plan for its upcoming Bhojpuri film, ‘Ganga’. The film premieres on April 29 at 8 pm. The marketing of the film will target the Hindi belt, with a focus on the markets of Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Delhi and Mumbai. The campaign plans to take a 360-degree approach.

Shailesh Kapoor, Marketing and Content Head, FILMY, said, “Being a Bhojpuri language film, there are specific markets where ‘Ganga’ has an appeal because that’s where the language is spoken or understood well. The markets targetted are largely Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar, followed by certain other pockets like Mumbai and Punjab. Being a mass Hindi channel, this is a great opportunity for us to tap these markets.”

Answering about the need to telecast a Bhojpuri film, Kapoor explained, “Languages like Bengali, any of the South Indian languages, Gujarati or Marathi are not known in many parts of the country, while Bhojpuri is popular. Bhojpuri is more like a dialect.” Kapoor is also of the opinion that the popularity of Bollywood actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Ajay Devgan, and the recent fame of Ravi Kissen with ‘Bigg Boss’, works in the favour of the movie.

The channel plans to pan out a 360-degree campaign. Apart from TVC, radio and print, the channel has also resorted to heavy on-ground promotions. Around 15 branded vans have been hired to promote ‘Ganga’ for almost a week. It will cover Delhi, and class I and class II towns of UP and MP. Consumers will be entertained and involved with a lot of interactive activities.

FILMY is also doing a branding activity wherein the channel will go live in Nauchandi Mela, one of the biggest fairs in the North, to promote ‘Ganga’. Outdoors activity is targetted in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, with a good mix of hoardings, mobile vans, bus shelters and platform branding.

The channel will carry a trade promotion for the media industry. Kapoor said, “Since the paan-eating habit is native to North India, it was only fitting to instantly communicate the idea to trade audience like ad agencies and clients by sending across the typical Banarasi Paan, thus prompting them to enjoy watching Ganga on FILMY while enjoying the flavour of North India through the paan. It must be a first-of-its-kind promotion done by identifying a proper brand fit of the movie and its audiences, mapping with their habit of consuming paan.”

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