Film on Kalam’s life to promote the importance of education

Film on Kalam’s life to promote the importance of education

Author | Gokul Krishnamurthy | Tuesday, Sep 13,2005 8:14 AM

Film on Kalam’s life to promote the importance of education

A film on the life of the President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, being made by Coimbatore-based PR agency Masscom PR and production firm Min Veli Media, hopes to promote the importance of education. The one-hour English film has been scripted in the style of a story-within-story, capturing Dr Kalam’s journey from Rameshwaram to the Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

The producers are in talks with TV channels and sponsors, besides planning a theatrical release.

This is the second film being produced on the same lines by the team of producers. “Three years ago, we used to run a VCD magazine called ‘Pattampoochi’, which had 6,000 child subscribers. We thought we could feature a segment on Dr Kalam, and the idea converted itself into a film,” said Ramasubramanian K, who runs Masscom PR.

The first film was in Tamil, titled ‘Kuruthu’, which was made three years ago. The current project is expected to be a more refined offering on the same theme. P Dhanapal is directing the film, and Chezhian, former assistant of P C Shriram, if behind the camera. The producers are targeting a first run of 100,000 copies, driven by the postal department’s distribution strength across the country.

Said Ramasubramanian, “The post office is a very reliable vehicle and will ensure that we reach the common people. We intend to price the VCD at just Rs 149, making it accessible to all.”

Though several children’s channels have approached the producers, they preferred not to divulge any details. The producers are also mulling a theatrical release for the offering.

The film is expected to have interesting visuals on the life of Dr Kalam, his birthplace, people who have worked with him, his places of work, besides comments from various prominent personalities – inspiring vignettes intended to fuel the fires of education.

The producers have embarked on a marketing campaign for corporates and brands to be a part of the film. “A lot of retail chains are showing keen interest. We are not looking at in-film placements in the way it is practiced today, but are open to ideas and are discussing possibilities,” the film’s producers said.

The music has been composed by Illayaraaja’s protégé Surya, while popular danseuse and actress Shobana plays the lead.

“We are now in the final phase of production pending permission to shoot in the Rashtrapathi Bhavan with the President. All post-production work will get over by the second week of September,” the producers said.

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