Fifth satellite channel launched in Kerala

Fifth satellite channel launched in Kerala

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Tuesday, Jul 23,2002 8:22 AM

Fifth satellite channel launched in Kerala

Jeevan TV, a fully owned unit of Jeevan Telecasting Corporation Limited, promoted by the Catholic Church of Kerala will begin regular telecasting from the first of August. Launched formally on the 14th of July, the channel is being run from a studio and uplinking center located in Cochin. For programming, the channel has two studios; one for news and the other for general programs.

Despite initial speculation over whether the channel would serve as a mouthpiece for Christians in Kerala, the channel claimed that it was a completely secular channel.

According to PC Cyriac, MD, Jeevan TV, “We are not a religious channel. Our entertainment programs are meant for all the members of a family. The programs will entertain and also send an indirect message, highlighting the importance of moral values. Families belonging to all religions and communities can watch and enjoy themselves.”

According to him, much of the focus will be on news and education. Exudes Cyriac, “We will give an accurate, impartial account of events as they happen. We will also have educational programs for high school students, apart from quiz programs, music programs and other shows.”

Another Jeevan TV official explained that the channel would move away from the popular trend of airing daily soaps centering on female protagonists. According to her, much of the focus would be on the family itself; be it the relationship between the father and his children or having open discussions involving subjects that are otherwise considered taboo.

Careful attention is also being given to the news telecasts. Apart from specially designed costumes, Sabu Cyril has designed the sets.

The channel already has programs investment worth Rs. 3 crores and has close to 7500 shareholders. According to P.C.Cyriac, “The total project cost is of Rs 25 crores, but a part of this investment is yet to come.”

On response from advertisers, P.C.Cyriac shares that the channel has got a positive response from local advertisers. And when asked if the entry of more such channels in the Kerala market will pave way for the entry of National brands, P.C.Cyriac replied in the affirmative saying that he was hopeful of getting national advertisers on his channel soon enough.

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