ETV to showcase content from Data Quest Entertainment

ETV to showcase content from Data Quest Entertainment

Author | Jasmeen Dugal | Thursday, Jan 22,2004 6:33 AM

ETV to showcase content from Data Quest Entertainment

Come January 31, ETV will launch a new kids weekend show – Saahasa Baluru (Adventurous Kids). Saahasa Baluru will showcase content from Data Quest Entertainment (DQE). DQE specializes in 2D & 3D animation and gaming software for television, movies, web and interactive software tools.

With its association with some of the most reputed children content providers worldwide, DQE is a one-stop shop to a veritable storehouse of children programming which is ready to be unleashed in the Indian market. DQE's partnerships in animation services and production include EM TV, Magma films, Comet Entertainment, Dream TV, Stanley Media, Mercury Film Works, Nelvana Productions, Cinar Animation, Amberwood Entertainment, Neptuno Animation, Alphanim and many more. Leveraging the strength of its association with these international studios, DQE plans to launch itself as their marketing and distribution arm in India in a couple of months.

The initial plans will have DQE acquiring quality content from six of its studio partners to provide a large and varied catalogue of television animation for Indian viewers, ranging from the classic and conventional, to the trendy and futuristic. Apart from having access to a large repertoire of children programming, DQE's marketing and programming initiatives are spearheaded by professionals with a history of marketing children's programming in India – senior executives from Buena Vista Television India.

After ETV, DQE plans to move to other language channels, including Hindi. Simultaneously, plans are on the anvil for the launch ‘PowerKidz’ that intends to combine the best of animation and live-action programming. “There's always space for quality, more so, if it's affordable,” says Pratik Basu, marketing advisor to DQE. “The programmes on ETV are a teaser trailer of what DQE is all about and has access to. It's only the tip of the iceberg.”

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