etc Punjabi goes the [V] Way!

etc Punjabi goes the [V] Way!

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, May 27,2002 8:09 AM

etc Punjabi goes the [V] Way! Minita Kumar

Channel [V] started the trend. Now others are catching up too. After Channel [V] Popstars, it''s etc Punjabi launching another pop talent hunt show. Already on air, and christened ''Pepsi Ban Ja Staara Yaara'', the show will tap the Punjabi pop talent in seven different places in Punjab and will be spread across 7 sequential shows starting etc Punjabi.

The show, launched on etc Punjabi, which is a market leader amongst the Punjabi language channels (TAM, time period of 05.05.2002-11.05.2002). But how sound is the proposition of launching yet another pop talent hunt show?

Refer to [V] Popstars. Billed as the biggest talent hunts on the Indian music scene Channel [V] did get a huge response from the aspiring popstars, yet except for the initial period around the launch of the band, the fortunes of the channel failed to click. The channel did not show signs of an increased audience share. (TAM, week 4, 2002 -week 16, 2002, Refer to analysis section of exchange4media.)

Yet, the Indian audiences usually live up to their reputation of being unpredictable- take the case of ''Kaun Banega Crorepati'' and its counterparts on the other channels as an instance to prove the above. If the audience respond well to ''Ban Ja Staara Yaara'' we may have another reason to agree with the reputation the Indian market holds. And not forgetting the case of rivals Coke and Pepsi in this setting, if etc Punjabi steals the show, Pepsi being its sponsor, will have a reason to be elated. After all Coke sponsored [V] Popstars!

Rivalry and competition aside, much effort has gone into getting ''Ban Ja Staara Yaara'' together. According to Rajiee M. Shinde, VP Programming of etc Punjabi, "Pepsi Ban Ja Staara Yara is the biggest programming exercise being undertaken by us. Two production teams have been working on this project in tandem. The participants have gone through the exhaustive rounds of prelims, semi finals and mega final to select the final winners. Eminent personalities from the world of music Sardool Sikander, Gursewak Mann, Shanker Sahni, Atul Sharma have judged the contest."

etc Channel Punjabi has high hopes on the talent show. But, despite all the efforts on the channels part, only time can tell if it meets the fates of other such talent hunts or rides high on success.

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