ETC’s new weekly ‘ETC Nautanki Top 9’ premiers today

ETC’s new weekly ‘ETC Nautanki Top 9’ premiers today

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Friday, Aug 05,2005 7:52 AM

ETC’s new weekly ‘ETC Nautanki Top 9’ premiers today

ETC’s new weekly ‘ETC Nautanki Top 9’ is all set to hit the tube from August 5 in the 8.00 pm slot. The countdown show is designed as an interactive property, wherein the viewers request the songs that will be aired based on the number of SMSs that the song receives in the week.

Commenting on this show, Vikas Gupta, Director Finance, ETC, said, “Instead of using the regular rating agencies for such shows, we decided to let our viewers do the selection because they are the ones who actually buy the cassettes and CDs. Once the voting is done through SMS on 7575, we will receive the list of the songs in ascending order. With the involvement of the service centre, we have implemented internal audit to maintain the authenticity of the selection.”

Gupta explained that the treatment of the show was different, too. “The anchors’ scripts are based on classic comedies from Indian cinema with the anchors donning the getups of sketches portrayed by yesteryear greats.”

The first episode is based on the movie Seeta Aur Geeta with the anchors playing Hema Malini, Dharmendra and Sanjeev Kumar. Similarly, ETC Nautanki will play Padosan in the second episode.

“ETC is window to the film and music industry. Unbiased countdown selected by the viewers and presented in a most engaging style is its fitting gesture of appreciation to the industry,” commented CEO of the channel, Jagjit Singh Kohli.

Along with the direct participation of ETC Viewer ‘ETC Nautanki Top 9’ is also doling out prizes and giveaways. If their chosen song happens to be the number one song of the week, there is a prize. There also is a prize for the best message of the week.

Other than this, ETC will have contests during the show inviting SMS based on the rating and prizes announced in the show through interactive scroll.

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