English movies face-off: Sony PIX plays off FIFA, Star Movies banks on movie premiere

English movies face-off: Sony PIX plays off FIFA, Star Movies banks on movie premiere

Author | Collin Furtado | Tuesday, Jul 22,2014 9:12 AM

English movies face-off: Sony PIX plays off FIFA, Star Movies banks on movie premiere

The English movies genre has been witnessing a face-off between Sony PIX and Star Movies for the No.1 spot week after week. As per data from TAM subscribers for Week 25 to Week 27, 2014, Sony PIX took control of the top spot for three consecutive weeks, while Star Movies overtook the channel for the numero uno spot in Week 28.

According to the TAM market share estimates for Week 28, Star Movies currently leads with 20.5 per cent market share, very closely followed by Sony PIX at 19.3 per cent. On the other hand, for Weeks 25, 26 and 27, Sony PIX led by market shares of 22.1 per cent, 26.7 per cent and 22.5 per cent, respectively, compared to Star Movies’ market share of 20.9 per cent, 18.2 per cent and 20.5 per cent, respectively.

The TAM ratings consisted of a young male audience CS 15+ of 1 million+ across the country. Speaking about their performance, Saurabh Yagnik, EVP & Business Head, Sony PIX said, “Our prime time did well, so whatever titles we put during prime time did well. There were some Bond movies that we played and a list of other movies. It was not that some property did exceptionally well and that’s the reason why our ratings went on top.”

However, one needs to keep in mind that during these three weeks (Weeks 25-27), a few matches of the FIFA World Cup 2014 were also aired on Sony PIX, with two matches being simultaneously played. Week 26 (June 22 – June 28), especially, which saw a huge difference of 26.7 per cent and 18.2 per cent between Sony PIX and Star Movies, respectively, saw a lot of FIFA World Cup 2014 games being played on the channel. Attributing it as one of the key reasons for Sony PIX’s dominance in those three weeks, Kevin Vaz, General Manager, STAR India English Cluster said, “If you look at data, it will tell you that out of the last 26 to 52 weeks, for 95 per cent of the time Star Movies has been No. 1. So, if for some of the weeks (25-27), where someone might play some football, it will make a difference.”

Yagnik, on the other hand, dismissed the fact that football had a great bearing on their ratings during those weeks. “We had I think six slots (where FIFA World Cup 2014 was played during Weeks 25-27). But even without that, our ratings were pretty good. Even if I take away the FIFA slots, we had good ratings and if we had something else on that slot itself our ratings would still have been good,” he said.

As Week 28 (July 6 – July 12) saw Star Movies regain the top spot, it looks set to continue its reign into the following week. With the channel featuring the television premier of ‘Fast & Furious 6’, it is expected to garner good ratings. “The results are not out yet, but we have seen a huge response to the few contests that we’ve had. It is trending at No. 1,” claimed Vaz.

Sony PIX, too, has a same outlook for the coming week’s ratings as Yagnik said, “We expect to continue our string of performance that we are having. We have ‘Captain Phillips’ premiering for the coming week. They (Star Movies) had ‘Fast & Furious 6’ premiered this week and that is a special property. In this week, they should do very well because of the ‘Fast & Furious’ property.”

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