Elections 2009: Countdown to polls begin… on news channels

Elections 2009: Countdown to polls begin… on news channels

Author | Puneet Bedi Bahri | Tuesday, Mar 10,2009 8:11 AM

Elections 2009: Countdown to polls begin… on news channels

With the Lok Sabha elections just over a month away, mainline news channels have got into poll overdrive. The channels have started working out comprehensive election coverage strategies and innovative programme formats in line with battle theme for the elections. Continuing with the coverage on different channels’ poll plans, exchange4media focuses on Hindi news channels this time.

The five-phased Lok Sabha elections will be held between April 16 and May 13. The elections would be held in five phases in Jammu and Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh; in four phases in Bihar; in three phases in Maharashtra and West Bengal, in two phases in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Jharkhand, Manipur and Punjab. The remaining states and Union Territories will have single-phased polls. 84 constituencies have been reserved for Scheduled Caste candidates.

Talking about the important issues that the media should address in this general elections, Rahul Dev, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, CNEB, said, “There should be a clear focus on issues that are a matter of serious concern than the focus on personalities and frivolous issues. More attention needs to be paid to the warning the country is facing from the youth, who are disgusted with the politics that is being played in the country. If the youth turns off politics, there is going to be a vacuum that will be created, which will definitely not be a good situation.”

He further said, “We as media should do what we can and have in our hands to ensure that the power does not go in the wrong hands and that only the deserving candidate gets the ticket to fight the elections.”

Talking about some of the shows, Dev said, “Some of the shows on CNEB include ‘Lakhsya Lok Sabha’, a daily show with election news from all over the country; political satire ‘Neta Kahinka’; besides some talk shows, where some of my colleagues and I will invite people and discuss some important issues. The show will be called ‘Sunn Gunn Chunn’.”

Elaborating on the election special programme line-up at IBN7, Managing Editor Ashutosh, said, “There will be a fair bit of special shows that we are planning, some of them have already gone on air. ‘Mera Vote, Meri Sarkar’ has already kicked off and is being aired at 7 pm. This show emphasises on the idea of ‘I will vote and select my government’. There will be campaigns on the poll days, which would convey the message that one must come out and vote. Another interesting show that we have is ‘Yuva’, targeting the youth of the country and the issues that they feel should be resolved, and the changes this generation wants to see. Then there are shows like ‘Report Card’, which talks about achievements of a particular politician. Also, there will be debates and talk shows in different states.”

Throwing light on some of the special shows that India TV has lined up as part of its election coverage, Managing Editor Vinod Kapri, said, “We will be working under an umbrella of ‘Hamara Pradhan Mantri Kaun’ for election coverage. There are about six to seven special programmes lined up for the same, some would be weekly and some dailies. To name a few, we will have ‘Voter ka meter’, an election based reality show which will be aired daily at 6:30 pm and 9:30 pm. ‘Top Ten Election Reports’, a show which will have top ten election-related stories daily aired at 4 pm and 7:30 pm. ‘India Reporters’, wherein celebrities will be reporting for India TV. ‘Aao Pradhan Mantri Banayein’, a six-minute capsule where leading personalities will tell who should be the PM. ‘Ek Din Ek Reporter’ and ‘Mujhe Vote Do’ are some other innovative shows that we will be on air.”

Sanjay Bragta, Executive Producer, Sahara Samay, informed that his channels would have three types of shows – politician centric, people centric and campaigns. “There will be shows like ‘Indian Politician League’, ‘Travel Log’, where we will have our reporters travel to four parts of the country – Arunachal Pradesh, Kanya Kumari, Leh-Ladakh and Kutchh – and feel the pulse of India. There will also be talk shows and debates,” he added.

Kishore Malviya, Group Editor, Voice of India, informed, “We will be having regional flavours on regional channels, there will be outdoor and studio activities too. We will have completely voter driven shows on national and state levels. We are trying to give platforms to raise answers to certain issues by bringing voters and politicians face to face. More than a dozen daily and weekly shows are planned for elections, some of them include – ‘Chunav Chakkar’, ‘Peecha Karo’, and ‘Neta Ji Ka Postmortem’, among many others.”

As the countdown begins, proceedings on the various news channels are expected to get all the more exciting. exchange4media, as usual, will bring you all the news.

To be continued…

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