Doordarshan‘s new communication strategy to boost branding

Doordarshan‘s new communication strategy to boost branding

Author | Vinod Behl | Thursday, Dec 05,2002 6:55 AM

Doordarshan‘s new communication strategy to boost branding

Doordarshan is formulating its news communication strategy aimed at boosting its branding by leveraging on its strength, particularly high viewership of its news and entertainment programmes.

As part of this plan Doordarshan is in the process of hiring a top ad agency, which will be entrusted with the task of evolving its communication strategy. Already Doordarshan authorities have short listed top ten ad agencies and they have been asked to give presentations along with competitive quotations.

Doordarshan DG S Y Quraishi told exchane4media that since Doordarshan’s arrangement with newspapers for barter ads is already in place, the agency services are been taken to project Doordarshan’s strength for its positioning and branding.

Doordarshan, according to Dr. Quraishi is working on building distinct identity of its channels and currently the focus is on DD1, where the search is on for some real channel driver shows.

As part of its communication strategy, Doordarshan will be highlighting its programming and high reach. According to current TAM Data out of top 50 programmes on television, 35 belong to Doordarshan while the rest are from Star Plus. The programme viewership of DD’s top 5 programmes is much higher than the viewership of C&S’s top 5 programmes.

Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, the no.1 C&S programme has a viewership of 7040000, while DD’s no 1 programme Aap Beeti has a viewership of 13439000. The no 5 programme of C&S Kahani Ksi Roz with a viewership of 4131000 also compares poorly to Doordarshan’s no 5 prorgramme Aaryaman with a viewership of 7688000.

Similarly on the news front DD is the leader with 93% viewership share for prime time news. DD 1 news share is 2.8 million compared to Aaj Tak 95,000 and Zee News 63,000. The share of DD News in C&S homes is also much higher than any other satellite channels.

Meanwhile in order to make its news communication strategy more effective Doordarshan is reviving its in-house DART System Operating, besides fighting out TAM, which it describes as biased against Doordashan. Says Quraishi “ TAM suffers from the flaws of small sample size without proper representation. There are also charges of data manipulation against TAM. Industry following TAM for want of a better alternative. We want fool proof method and even in the recent IBF meeting we have raised this issue.”

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