Doordarshan surges ahead with Prasar Bharti’s new action plan

Doordarshan surges ahead with Prasar Bharti’s new action plan

Author | Vinod Behl | Tuesday, Nov 19,2002 7:15 AM

Doordarshan surges ahead with Prasar Bharti’s new action plan

The implementation of Prasar Bharti’s action plan to revamp Doordarshan’s programming and marketing by promoting in-house talent as paid rich dividends by way of a quantum jump in Doordarshan viewership both in C&S and all home segment.

On the news front where the battle for top honours is the fiercest, the gains for Doordarshan are clearly visible. According to latest TAM figures for the 7-8 am news segment, DD1 has carved out a formidable viewership share of 92.08% in the all home segment, with Aaj Tak as number 2 with an audience share of mere 5.09%. Zee News, Star News, BBC World and CNBC have a meager share of 2.12, 0.54, 0.10, and 0.07%. CNN and Jain TV figure no where. In C&S homes DD1 share is 62.04% while Aaj Tak share is 24.27% followed by Zee News (10.12%), Star News (2.62%), BBC World (0.56%), CNBC (0.37%).

In the 8 to 9 pm prime time news segment for all homes DD 1 has recorded an audience share of 92.91% against 4% of Aaj Tak, 2.29% of Zee News, 0.86% of Star News, 0.29% of CNBC, 0.14% of BBC World, 0.14% of CNN and 0.07% of Jain TV. Similarly in C&S homes DD1 share stands at 57.38%. The share of Aaj Tak, Zee News, Star News, CNBC, BBC World, CNN, Jain TV is 22.13, 12.84, 4.64. 1.64. 0.55, 0.55 and 0.27% respectively.

This turnaround with substantial jump in DD viewership particularly in C&S home, according to DG S Y Quraishi is the result of a winning strategy implemented by it following a SWOT analysis. Strategy aims at building up Doordarshan’s in-house programming and marketing strength. “ We wanted to reverse this trend of excessive outsourcing, which not only demoralized our programme staff but our rival channel were growing at our cost as our talented staffers were giving services to them.”

Buoyed by the positive result of its revamp strategy, Doordarshan bosses who had earlier hired about two dozen news casters / presenters, are out to further spruce up news with focus on stationing Doordarshan’s own correspondence in all the district of the country. Says Prasar Bharti CEO K S Sarma, “ All ready our correspondence on whom we are spending Rs 1 crore per year, are contributing 70% of DD News. On the other hand we are spending a huge sum of Rs 11 crore per year on getting PTI and UNI service. But now we have told both these news organization that beyond 2006 when our current contract expires we will be discontinuing their services.

Meanwhile in order to boost the morale of its programming staff, Doordarshan has introduced a monthly award scheme for best programme and best graphic work with an objective to promote production of thematic, aesthetic and technical excellence and to provide incentive to competent programme producers of Doordarshan. The first monthly award was given away at a function held at Doordarshan headquarters in New Delhi on November 18. Dum Dama Dum a talent show for rural children by Doordarshan Kendra Mumbai and Kalyani a health magazine by Doordarshan Kendra Guwahti have been chosen joint winner for September for best programme category. In the graphic category G Bhowmik of Doordarshan Kendra Kolkata won the award for the programme Rango Byango. Doordarshan’s annual award function will be held in Mumbai on November 23.

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