Doordarshan invites proposals for commissioned programmes

Doordarshan invites proposals for commissioned programmes

Author | Vinod Behl | Monday, Oct 14,2002 8:24 AM

Doordarshan invites proposals for commissioned programmes

Months after the Prasar Bharti Board lifted the ban on commissioned programmes and formed new guidelines Directorate General Doordarshan has finally invited proposals from the private producers.

The proposals for commissioned programmes have been invited primarily for DD Bharati channel and Regional Kendras. Doordarshan has kept daily soups, sitcoms, chat shows, talk shows etc out of the purview of commissioned programmes as already a large number of such proposals are pending with it under sponsored category.

The commissioned programmes (except on North-East and Kashmir) were banned on Doordarshan particularly after the closure of DD News channel in January last following large scale corruption in awarding programmes to favoured producers. The Public Broadcaster was even indicted by the Parliamentary Panel for wasting huge money on sub-standard commissioned programmes. Parsar Bharati Board took a decision to re-open the commissioned programmes as it found that sponsored where not coming forward for public interest programmes.

Doordarshan has fixed a non-refundable process fee of Rs 25,000 for proposals under central commissioning (DD Bharati channel) and Rs 15,000 under Regional Kendras. The applicants have been asked to submit their proposals by November 15. All the proposals received by Doordarshan under central commissioning will be processed by Evaluation and Costing Committees at the Doordarshan headquarters while those under Regional Kendra will be processed at the respective Kendras. The Evaluation Committee for DD Bharati Proposals comprises Deputy Director General incharge of DD Bharati as conveyor DDG (Sales and Marketing), Additional DG/ DDG of other channels, Director Programme Central Commissioning unit and Director Programme DD Bharati. Besides there will be three outside experts. The Evaluation Committee for Regional Kendras consists of Chief Producers, Dy. Director Programmes / Executive Producers, Station Engineers, Programme Officer incharge of Commissioning, Programme Officer Incharge of Subjects and three outside experts.

The proposals short-listed by the Evaluation Committee will be put up before Costing Committee comprising DDG DD Bharati, DDG Sales and Marketing, DDG Finance, Director Programmes CCU, Director Programmes DD Bharati, and Director Commercials/Director Marketing. At Regional Kendras the proposals cleared by Evaluation Committee will be put up before Costing Committee comprising Director, Chief Producers, Sup. Engineers/ Station Engineers, Executive Producers/Dy. Director Programmes incharge of Commissioning, DDA Finance and Administrations/ Sr. Administration Officers.

In order to ensure that genuine independent producers send their proposals, the applicant may well be asked to produce relevant documents to prove the authenticity of their production company. Besides under the new guidelines, Prasar Bharati has made it necessary for the perspective applicants to be personally present with their creative team whenever required for presentations of their proposals at any stage of their processing. Those producers who have any outstanding dues have been barred from sending proposals unless they either clear their full dues or get the repayment plan approved before been awarded any assignment.

Doordarshan has earmarked a budget of Rs 10 crores for programmes under Central Commissioning and additional Rs 10 crores for Commissioned Programmes at Kendra’s level. Doordarshan Directorate General will soon be inviting proposals under royalty programmes as well for which Rs 21 crores have been allocated. A separate advertisement will also be given for inviting ready-made programmes (under off the shelf acquisition scheme) for which Doordarshan has made a separate budget allocations of Rs 11 crores.

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