Doordarshan getting ready for mobile TV service, carries out trial tests

Doordarshan getting ready for mobile TV service, carries out trial tests

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Tuesday, Feb 06,2007 9:03 AM

Doordarshan getting ready for mobile TV service, carries out trial tests

While several players have been talking about the merits and demerits of mobile television, Doordarshan has been quietly carrying out trial tests of its mobile television service since January 2007. The service is slated for launch by the year end. “Doordarshan is progressing in the field of mobile broadcasting,” said N S Ganesan, Engineer-in-Chief, Doordarshan.

Pawan Gandhi, Head of Mobile Television, Asia Pacific, Nokia, said, “The trial run with the help of Nokia has been going on for a month now.” He further said that Nokia would be launching its phones for mobile TV in a few months’ time.

The service would be available only on digital video broadcast handheld enabled phones, which have not been launched in India so far, or through an encrypting device attached to the existing phones. Prasar Bharati officials have said that they were waiting for the launch of digital video broadcasting enabled handsets in India.

According to DD officials, the trials were successful and DD channels were visible on the mobile phones, however, there were still some technical parameters that need to be checked. Besides, content related issues like impact on the society also need to be looked into.

“For mobile TV to become more than just television on the move, it will have to build on existing channels, programmes, and ways of watching television and using the Internet. Mobile TV will become a multimedia experience with an emphasis on personalisation, interactivity and user-generated content,” according to a survey commissioned by Nokia.

“Mobile devices are becoming complex and intelligent with increasing processing power which might reach jump to four giga hertz in the near future with more storage capacity and larger screens and improved batteries,” said Arun Gupta, Deputy Director General, TEC of Department of Telecommunication. He added that the 3G devices that would enter the market would have facilities like video, text, graphics, conferencing, internet, voice with lots of improvement from the 2G devices.

According to the Nokia survey, personalisation and interactivity would be the key drivers of mobile TV. Another report commissioned by Nokia predicts that the introduction and adoption of mobile TV will ultimately give way to a more personal and private TV experience than that of traditional broadcast TV, with big implications for users, content providers and advertisers.

Users will be able to receive content anytime, anywhere, choose what is most relevant to them, and even create and upload their own TV content, while content providers and advertisers will be able to tailor their offerings more specifically to the user.

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