Discovery to tell the ‘True story of the Internet’ from September 8

Discovery to tell the ‘True story of the Internet’ from September 8

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Aug 27,2008 8:34 AM

Discovery to tell the ‘True story of the Internet’ from September 8

It has become an integral part of our lives today, but how many of us know the ‘True story of the Internet’? Discovery is premiering a four-part series, ‘Download’, from September 8 that will trace the web’s rise from obscurity to global ubiquity. The series will be aired on Mondays at 9 pm.

Commenting on the series’ relevance, Rahul Johri, SVP & General Manager, Discovery Networks India, said, “If one was to list the most important transformative, world-changing invention in the history of humanity, the electric light bulb, steam engine, airplane and automobile would probably make the cut. But right up there in the pantheon, alongside all these inventions, is a more recent breakthrough that came out of nowhere and in a few short years whipped through all our lives. The invention in question is the World Wide Web.”

Johri further said, “The Internet is an amazing and surreal universe that has changed the way much of the world works, plays, communicates, shops, and even falls in love. Discovery Channel will premiere an in-depth look at the rise of this phenomenon.”

The series will address the ‘Browser War’ in a fight between Netscape and Internet Explorer, and the ‘Search War’, which will showcase the supremacy of Google. ‘E-Commerce Revolution’ will talk about the way the Net has changed the way business works, the way we buy and sell. ‘Emerging People Power’ will showcase the leaders of a new generation of companies like YouTube, MySpace and Facebook.

Be it the dominance of the Internet Explorer or the rise of Microsoft to a global giant, the series will trace the expanse of the Internet and its impact on our lives.

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