Discovery to showcase Super Surgery

Discovery to showcase Super Surgery

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Aug 06,2002 8:13 AM

Discovery to showcase Super Surgery

Discovery channel will showcase the premier of a medical series, Super Surgery on Saturday at 10 PM. The series will take the viewers inside the dramatic real-life stories of infants and adults pursuing their last best hope for a cure.

Says Deepak Shourie, MD, Discovery, "Super Surgery will make the viewers feel as if they are part of the surgical team as cameras capture intricate surgical procedures."

The cameras will capture the complicated surgical operations performed by the robotics. This technology was first developed for the NASA space missions.

In this Robotic surgery, the viewers will follow the progress of patients who have undergone heart and kidney surgery. "Each episode of Super Surgery features recently performed operations from different hospitals around the world. Robotic surgery uses small probes with multi-purpose tools inserted through minute incisions in the body and guided by the surgeon using controls similar to those on a gaming console", asserts Shourie.

The operation room will be transformed into a television studio broadcasting from inside the patient's body. The viewers will see the surgeon maneuvering the robotic arms and fingers to perform intricate surgery and use electric scalpels, magnets to direct needles and mini-vacuum cleaners to remove surgical threads.

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