Discovery Channel to unravel the charisma of the Ganges

Discovery Channel to unravel the charisma of the Ganges

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Oct 20,2007 8:07 AM

Discovery Channel to unravel the charisma of the Ganges

In the recent times, Discovery Channel has been focusing on India-centric shows. In keeping with this India focus, Discovery is tracing the course of the mighty Ganges from the mystical Himalayas all the way to the Bay of Bengal, presenting the varied forms of life, cultural and religious entities and beliefs that thrive along its banks. The channel will air a three-part series ‘Ganges’ every Wednesday at 8 pm starting October 24.

The series comprehensively covers the multiple manifestations of this holy river. It focuses on the economic activities that the holy river sustains in the cities and towns located on its banks, including north India’s immense agricultural economy and the occupation of countless boatmen and fishermen. Alongside presenting the charismatic Indian wildlife ranging from rhinos to tigers to elephants, the show would also present some surprising creatures living along its waters, including blind river dolphins, tree-climbing deer, the world’s largest venomous snake and the world’s smallest pig.

According to Deepak Shourie, EVP and MD, Discovery Networks India, “Ganges touches almost every aspect of our existence: from life to death, from livelihood to meditation and from pleasure to salvation. The very spirit of India is awash with the waters of the Ganges. We are delighted to present a series on Ganges, which celebrates the river and its abundance.”

When asked if the channel plans to undertake any campaigns for the restoration of the river, or for cleaning it, Shourie replied, “Our business is only to communicate through television. Hence, I think we are taking the first step in talking about the hazards faced by the river. Other than that, we have no plans for any campaigns as such.”

Shourie further said that if a need was felt to expand the Discovery Channel’s network to more Indian languages, other than its current additional programming that is available in Hindi through Tata Sky, then it would be done so first with South Indian languages.

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