Discovery Channel to take viewers on a fast ride with ‘Speed Week’

Discovery Channel to take viewers on a fast ride with ‘Speed Week’

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Nov 24,2007 6:17 AM

Discovery Channel to take viewers on a fast ride with ‘Speed Week’

Discovery Channel is launching the third season of ‘Speed Week’, a weeklong five-part series on speed thrills. The series will be aired from November 26-30 at 10 pm. ‘Speed Week’ will connect viewers with all things fast – with episodes on future cars, powerboats, street racing and race dynasties.

The first in the series on November 26 will feature ‘Future Cars’, giving first-hand knowledge on car design, computer interface, alternative fuel sources through test tracks, design centres and manufacturing locations around the world, and discovering the remote possibilities of automobile technology. For the first time ever, audiences will view a new, 18-wheel truck, whose aerodynamic design alone improves fuel efficiency by 50 per cent.

‘Power Boats’ on November 27 will showcase the world’s fastest racing boats, during the build-up and a variety of offshore and in-shore races. These boats are touted to be five times more dangerous than Formula 1, and the episode will feature a day with the US Custom’s Special Agents in notorious Miami on a ‘doper’ boat, and scenes showing unbelievable maneuverability of the world’s top jet bikers.

November 28 will showcase ‘Speed Dynasties’, highlighting four racing families from the UK, the US, India and Brazil, their motivation factor, and the fear of death. The episode will touch different areas of technology, expertise and engineering of racing cars, from A1, Rally, Grand American Sports Cars, Formula Renault, to Indy Cars.

‘Street Racing’ on November 29 will feature super-modified engines and the sequence of smoking tires. Street racing is an exciting but treacherous pastime, getting faster and furious every day in the world scene, and the episode will take viewers to Tokyo, New York City, Mexico City, Osaka and Essex to witness the real-life world of street racing.

‘Birth of a Racer’ on November 30 will show Michael Czysz building a world-class superbike capable to compete at the Laguna Seca round of MotoGP. Motivated by a lack of innovation by manufacturers, he will be seen creating high performance street bikes for public in direct competition with elite Japanese and Italian companies.

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