Despite a grand kick-off, CWG flounders at opening ratings block...

Despite a grand kick-off, CWG flounders at opening ratings block...

Author | Shikha | Monday, Oct 11,2010 8:05 AM

Despite a grand kick-off, CWG flounders at opening ratings block...

The spectacular opening ceremony of the 19th Commonwealth Games in Delhi hogged prime news spots on all mediums and won much international and domestic praise. However, the ratings for the opening ceremony on DD1 and DD Sports do not match all that hype.

While the ratings stood at 1.63 TVR (C&S & Non C&S homes, TG all 4+) for DD1 for the opening ceremony, DD Sports recorded a TVR of 1.03. The telecast had a reach of 7.4 million on DD1 and 4.2 million on DD Sports.

The previous CWG held in 2006 recorded a TVR of 1.16 on DD1 and 0.01 TVR on DD Sports. The 2008 Beijing Olympics recorded a TVR of 1.03 on DD1 and 0.43 on DD Sports.

exchange4media finds out from media planners on the reason for these poor numbers.

Anamika Mehta, COO, Lodestar UM, commented, “I think for all TV homes it is slightly low. One had expected it to be much higher. Even if you benchmark cricket, the numbers are definitely low. It has taken place in India and you expect it to be much higher as it was exclusive on DD. It was weekend and it was primetime, if you compare it to IPL or any sporting event, the numbers are not up to the mark. Maybe it was because of controversies surrounding the Games.”

She further said, “It was a pretty shoddy telecast and also ‘Bigg Boss 4’ was debuting on Colors with higher numbers. A lot of it has to do with how it was marketed, quality of production and quality of telecast. Barring public sector advertising, there were a very few advertisers except for an Amul or a Dabur. It didn’t attract enough advertisers.”

Ruby Bana, Head of Strategy - APAC, MPG & Havas Media, had a different view on the ratings. She said, “I think the numbers are pretty decent. I think they have got more than they were expected to do. We can’t compare the numbers with CWG 2006, because the context has changed. The fragmentation between then and now is much higher. The benchmarks are different today. Even if you look at the top 5 programmes today and the programmes in 2006, there is a huge difference in what you will get. In terms of support and that context, the anticipation was much higher and hence, the numbers are fairly decent.”

Niti Kumar, AVP, Mudra Connext, remarked, “We don’t think it is a great rating. Maybe if you just look at Delhi numbers it would record a higher rating as there was local hype surrounding the event. One shouldn’t be very happy with the numbers as it could have done much better. It is not even close to ‘Bigg Boss 4’, which recorded a TVR of 6, compared to that the CWG numbers are not even half of that. Considering the fact that it was being held in India this time, it should have fared much better than last time, which was held in Australia, but the numbers are not great at all.”

Marred by controversies, even after the grand opening ceremony, regarding ticket sales, empty stands, racist slurs and the like, the going is not all that good for the Games this time. While there are concerns about the ratings as the Games mega event progresses, all eyes are on the closing ceremony on October 14, 2010 and of course, India’s overall performance and final medal tally.

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