DAS 3 will not be postponed beyond December 31st

DAS 3 will not be postponed beyond December 31st

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Dec 21,2015 6:26 PM

DAS 3 will not be postponed beyond December 31st

In the last task force meeting on December 11th the Ministry of Information has asked all the stakeholders to complete the seeding before the deadline of Dec31st .  The government seems to be in no mood to extend the deadline of digitisation phase 3 according to sources.

The Ministry has asked the broadcasters and MSO’s to switch off the signals of analog in DAS3 areas after the deadline ends on December 31st.

The government is bullish about the phase three of digitisation. To make sure that everything is running smoothly the government is organising task force meetings and taking updates of everything that is happening on ground. A task force meeting was held in New Delhi last week and the government had asked stakeholders to complete the set top box seeding before the deadline.

In 2014 the government has already extended the DAS III deadline from September 2014 to December 31st 2015.

The first phase of digitisation covered four metro, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. In the second phase 38 cities were covered with population more than one million. The third phase will cover around 38,799,074 households. According to MIB about 630 districts and 7709 urban areas will be covered in DAS III.

List of Urban areas under Phase III of Cable TV digitisation


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