Consumers’ ‘Awaaz’ will be heard again on most preferred brands

Consumers’ ‘Awaaz’ will be heard again on most preferred brands

Author | Shikha Saroj | Friday, Jul 07,2006 7:41 AM

Consumers’ ‘Awaaz’ will be heard again on most preferred brands

The ‘Awaaz Consumer Awards’, conceptualised by CNBC’s consumer-focused Hindi channel, Awaaz, is all set for its second edition this year. The Awards ceremony will be held in Delhi on July 18, 2006.

The Awards stress on the importance of knowing which brands are preferred by consumers, the position enjoyed by various brands in the minds of consumers and how they went about making their choices.

Deepa Bhavnani, Assistant General Manager-Marketing, CNBC-TV18, said, “We conducted an exhaustive study to decide on the winners by covering every sector. What makes these awards special is that the consumers have a final say on deciding the best brands.”

In its endeavour to expand audience profile and enrich its audience, Awaaz is producing a series called ‘Voice of the Consumer’. The ‘Awaaz Consumer Awards’ were held for the first time last year. For inputs for these awards, CNBC had commissioned ACNielsen ORG-MARG to conduct a market research exercise to understand the ‘Preferred Brands’ in various product categories, gain an in-depth understanding of the mindset of consumers towards evaluation of a brand as well as know the perception of these brands in the consumers’ minds. CNBC repeated the same exercise through ACNielsen this year with added categories to arrive at the results for this year’s Awards.

A large-scale quantitative research exercise was carried out in 21 centres across 14 states where males and females in the age group of 20-60 years, belonging to SEC A, B and C households were interviewed. Data was collected through a structured questionnaire administered face-to-face to the respondent. Consumers who were users or had experienced the category recently were interviewed for those categories to arrive at the list of “Preferred Brands” and rate those brands on various parameters. The research ensured each of the categories under study had a fair representation in conjunction to the penetration of the category in the market.

The Awards have segmented the Indian consumers into discrete segments on the basis of lifestyle followed, attitudes to shopping, spending, money and finance matters, etc. On the basis of the study, the Awards have segmented the Indian market into three smaller customer subgroups – liberal spender, who are extravagant spenders, are modern in outlook and live for the present; traditionalist and value driven, who seek quality and value, give importance to technology, are not image conscious, are averse to shopping malls and prefer Indian brands; and career oriented, who seek quality and value, do not spend too much, and save money by looking for the best prices.

The categories covered in the study are financial services, FMCG, consumer durables, telecom, paints (domestic), auto, retail, and travel and hospitality.

Awaaz Consumer Awards 2006 has introduced new categories such as Most Preferred Music System, Air Conditioner and Personal Computer in the Consumer Durables area. FMCG will see new categories like Most Preferred Coffee, Tea, Soft Drink, Shampoo, Branded Atta and Cosmetics. The Automobile sector will see Most Preferred Automotive Fuel, Telecom will recognise the Most Preferred Landline Service Provider while Paints will recognise the Most Preferred Paint. Retail will have new categories like Most Preferred Food and Grocery Store, Large Lifestyle Store, Fast Food Outlet, Coffee Shop, and Garments / Textiles. Travel and Hospitality will have new categories like Most Preferred Domestic Holiday, International Holiday, Domestic Airline, International Airline, and Hotel.

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