Comedy marathon delivers well for STAR One

Comedy marathon delivers well for STAR One

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Apr 12,2005 7:05 AM

Comedy marathon delivers well for STAR One

The comedy marathon that STAR One had initiated on April 1, 2005 has delivered for the channel. In terms of channel share, the channel has even beaten other general entertainment channels. Consequently, the weekly performance of STAR One has picked up for the latest TAM week.

Beginning with TAM Media Research numbers -- for the TG C&S AB 15-34 in the Hindi speaking market -- the channel has given a share of 5.17 on the day, vis-à-vis the 6.8 per cent of STAR Plus, 4.8 per cent of Sony, Zee's 4.5 per cent and Sahara One's 2.16 per cent. The channel officials however are of the opinion that increasingly for STAR One, a broader target is coming to play. "We are seeing that while the channel maintains its urban and upscale viewership, it is catering to a larger age group," said Ajay Vidyasagar, Head, Marketing, STAR India.

Throwing more light on that, he brings the performance of the C&S AB, 10-44. TAM Media Research shows that in this target too the channel is second only to STAR Plus on April 1, 2005. The channel has played 'Instant Khichdi' Marathon on this day. "If you look at the numbers of the other shows this week like 'Remix' and 'Bluff Master', and the Great Indian Comedy show, these too are picking up," said Vidyasagar.

Nonetheless, shouldn't the channel be concerned given that the initiative is a one-off thing and doesn't really bring a permanent gain to the channel? The official said, "It is established now that the target that STAR One is trying to chase is a fickle audience. We need to keep giving them specials and programming, which is their point of view and which they can flirt in and out of. Lakme Fashion House and Pepsi Fusion Flicks are steps in that direction." The channel has induced some more spikes in its programme 'Remix' as well by bringing in celebrities on the show.

Even as STAR One is still trying to get the programming strategy right around the channel, these kinds of numbers do indicate that it is being sampled. An initiative like this might not push the channel ratings in that direction at one go but do bring in their benefits and the channel has to keep the momentum going to encash on these benefits.

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