Colors on hi-speed track; widens gap with other top players

Colors on hi-speed track; widens gap with other top players

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, Oct 29,2009 8:31 AM

Colors on hi-speed track; widens gap with other top players

For Colors, the launch of ‘Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi’ and ‘Bigg Boss – Season 3’ was about taking the channel to ‘Level 2’, as its officials put it. Both ‘Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi’ and the run of ‘Bigg Boss’ seen so far have not given the channel any TVRs to talk about, but Rajesh Kamat, CEO, Colors, explained that the two properties had created an apt window to bring in and grow audiences on other shows of the channel.

“This has been our strategy even at launch – there are steps that you have to take to create buzz and conversations around the channel. Shows like ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ and ‘Bigg Boss’ did that for us. In the second season, we also took cognizance of the fact that there would be new audiences coming on the channel – so we changed the storylines and created interesting twists not only for the existing audiences to stay, but also to ensure that the new audiences that would sample the shows would come back.”

And the strategy appears to have worked. For two weeks now, top 10 on 10 shows are of Colors. In week 41, the channel had 338 GRPs, 314 GRPs in week 42 and 356 GRPs in week 43 keeping Colors at a distance of 73-85 points from the No. 2. In addition to ‘Balika Vadhu’, some of the other shows that are doing well for the channel included ‘Uttaran’, ‘Na Aana is Des Lado’, and even ‘Bairi Piya’.

But what about the deliveries of the big ticket, and hence high investment properties? Are these numbers good enough, especially when there are examples like ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’ on NDTV Imagine, where the investments were far lower, and ratings were far higher? Kamat replied, “Much as it is for any other industry, even in broadcasting, as a bouquet, we constantly stack up shows that are the staple diet and are high on profitability, and then there are image products that create the buzz, but may not be as high on profitability as the other shows. There has to be a healthy mix of the two in the various stages of the channel’s growth.”

Speaking more on the advertiser feedback on the shows, especially on ‘Bigg Boss’, Kamat said, “The response has been very encouraging. Also, you must not forget that for properties such as these, the advertiser is associating with the show for various reasons – for ‘Bigg Boss -3’, for Bachchan and for Colors as a platform – it is the whole package. So, while the ratings are important, the buzz and the impact with it are equally important.”

From here, Colors not only has to maintain its position and the gap if it wants to be seen as a consistent genre leader, but also has to ensure that it is able to monetise these ratings. Kamat said on this, “Advertisers give Colors a premium for the reach that the channel has and the consistent delivery of the shows. With these endeavours, our intention is to build up on both. This would clearly keep a gap between us and the other channels, and hence, give us a good chance to further monetise these numbers.”

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