Coca-Cola, STAR TV in strategic pact for a unique media innovation

Coca-Cola, STAR TV in strategic pact for a unique media innovation

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Thursday, May 18,2006 6:48 AM

Coca-Cola, STAR TV in strategic pact for a unique media innovation

Coca-Cola, in association with STAR TV, has come up with a unique media innovation – Coca-Cola Seamless Stings. The concept, developed in consultation with Madison Media, is being tried for the first time on STAR Plus and STAR One.

The execution is all about seamless transition of Coca-Cola product “intrinsic” shots phasing into the programme and phasing out into the break across leading programmes on both the channels. This will seen on the channels from the second week of May 2006 and will be running across the peak summer period. Though the initiative will be spread out through all programmes, it will be mostly targeting the primetime 8 pm to 10.30 pm slot.

Speaking about the innovation, Vikas Gupta, VP-Marketing, Coca-Cola India, said, “We are always on the lookout for opportunities to innovate, which add excitement to the Coca-Cola brand. With “Thanda” being synonymous with Coca-Cola at one end and with consumer insight studies clearly establishing the fact that food tastes best when had with the world’s favourite soft drink, the challenge was really to blend these messages and deliver it in a clutter-breaking manner to the end consumer. It was with this thought that the whole idea of launching Coca-Cola Seamless Stings for the first time on Indian television was conceptualised.”

Ajit Varghese, COO, Madison Media, added, “We are always open to offering unique media innovations to our clients, which not only are media clutter breakers, but also strategic solutions to the communication task in hand. Not limiting the fact that such offerings also open up a new revenue stream for our partners in business.”

He further said, “What’s unique is it that it captures the audience at its most attentive time, that is, seamless product integration when viewers are coming back into a programme after the first commercial break in a programme and then again for the second commercial break. During the first break, a viewer gets to see a 5-seconder with the message “Thande Ka Tadka”. Then at the beginning of the second break, the same viewer gets to see another 5-seconder with the message “Take a Thanda break…” One just cannot miss the “Thanda” (read Coca-Cola) brand messages due to the seamless way it surrounds the mid-section programme. All this happens while subtly driving the point – “Have Coca-Cola with food” – as the timing of the shows is such that it is aired during dinner time.”

The benefits of the Stings seem too huge, both in terms of noticeability and at the same time also meet a brand campaign’s ideal requirement of high recall, due to the number of exposures, clutter buster, all day presence, and impact value of the concept.

Also, instead of the usual cues of “enjoy the break”, it connects with the viewer’s passion and prompts the viewer to enjoy coke while they are “enjoying the programme”.

Simultaneously, Coca-Cola has also rolled out an integrated food campaign, which leveraged various other evolving media, all being supported by a strong on the ground programme in terms of visibility and trade activation. The beverage company has tied up with various food outlets for a combo meal with a bottle of Coca-Cola.

All these have been done based on consumer insight studies carried out across soft drink consumers, in which Coca-Cola has proved to be a beverage which actually enhances the over all food experience because of its unique taste profile. The entire “Coca-Cola Thande ka Tadka” campaign is thus aimed at leveraging such consumer insights- enabling Coca-Cola to play a more definitive role in a consumer’s life by way of an ideal meal accompaniment.

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