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CNN is No. 1 news brand in Asia Pacific for financial decision-makers: Survey

CNN is No. 1 news brand in Asia Pacific for financial decision-makers: Survey

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Friday, Jan 13,2006 7:41 AM

CNN is No. 1 news brand in Asia Pacific for financial decision-makers: Survey

CNN International has reconfirmed its position as the leading news brand for the global financial community, across all regions of Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America, according to the Global Capital Markets Survey (GCMS) 2006, conducted by Objective Research.

At the same time, the latest Pan Asia Cross Media survey (PAX) underscores the findings by demonstrating that CNN continues to successfully reach the wider business elite of financial decision-makers regardless of rank and seniority across the Asia Pacific region.

While GCMS represents the very top level of financial executives globally, the PAX survey includes the broader finance and investment community across 11 markets in the Asia Pacific region. While the scope of the two surveys may differ, the newly released PAX findings for the 12 months ending September 2005 underline the fact that CNN is the core news and business channel for financial decision makers.

According to PAX, almost half of the 1.4 million executives working in finance/accounting and investment watch CNN across a month and about two-thirds viewed the nearest competitor, BBC World. On a weekly basis, the reliance on CNN is clearer still, with 28.4 per cent tuning in CNN which is 93 per cent more than its nearest competitor.

“The message for advertisers is clear that if you want to reach the business elite, CNN delivers that better than any other channel,” said William Hsu, Vice President, CNN’s International Advertising Sales for the Asia Pacific. “We are particularly delighted that these ultimate financial decision makers turn to CNN rather than the dedicated finance and business channels available,” he added.

Additionally, the GCMS survey finds that CNN leads all competitors in being considered ‘up to the minute’ and ‘influential’ and that one in three respondents tunes in to CNN from around the world when travelling. CNN’s strong performance continues online, with financial managers in large companies choosing ahead of all other online news options, including and

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