CNBC-TV18’s ‘Storyboard’ completes 7 years, takes a leap forward to StoryRoad

CNBC-TV18’s ‘Storyboard’ completes 7 years, takes a leap forward to StoryRoad

Author | Pallavi Goorha and Puneet Bedi Bahri | Friday, Jun 27,2008 8:54 AM

CNBC-TV18’s ‘Storyboard’ completes 7 years, takes a leap forward to StoryRoad

In the 7th year of its existence, CNBC-TV18’s award winning show ‘Storyboard’ now takes a step to engaging with India’s marketing and advertising community through StoryRoad. The on-ground event will explore in-depth the topics that are currently driving the industry and allow viewers and speakers to interact and provide valuable feedback.

In the last seven years, ‘Storyboard’ has been known to showcase exceptional talent and cutting edge developments in the world of advertising and marketing.

The first on ground event of StoryRoad will be conducted in New Delhi on June 27, where industry experts would discuss the ‘Coming of age of Indian marketing and advertising’, in reference to India’s Grand Prix win and performance at Cannes Lions 2008.

Commenting on the 7th Anniversary celebrations, Neel Chowdhury, Vice-President, Marketing, CNBC-TV18 and CNBC Awaaz, said, “‘Storyboard’ has come a long way since 2001, and from reporting on brands, has now become a brand in itself, through all its extensions like ‘Storyboard Admeter’, ‘Storyboard Talks To’, ‘Guest Editor’, etc. It garners an intelligent discerning audience, and now with StoryRoad we intend to create a historic milestone and connect face-to-face with our audience.”

Anuradha Sen Gupta, Editor & Anchor of ‘Storyboard’, said, “Seven years is a long time for any TV show. ‘Storyboard’, the longest running magazine show on CNBC-TV18, is going from strength to strength. We have always focused on brands and the tools they use to get and grow market share – that focus remains unflinching and the production values of the show remains the industry bench mark for the genre. With time, our editorial stance has become more confident and the production more creative. The ongoing challenge is to use limited resources to create a brand that’s best in class.”

Gupta further said, “You can call StoryRoad a brand extension. It is a chance to really get on the ground and connect with the community we represent, one on one. The idea is to meet in a congenial setting and have free flowing conversation on what really matters to us.”

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