CNBC-TV 18 goes for ‘soft-snippets’ to lighten serious mode of news

CNBC-TV 18 goes for ‘soft-snippets’ to lighten serious mode of news

Author | Malini Menon | Monday, Jun 20,2005 8:11 AM

CNBC-TV 18 goes for ‘soft-snippets’ to lighten serious mode of news

CNBC TV-18 has introduced ‘soft snippets’, which are five-minute segments incorporated between back-to-back business programmes, to lighten the serious mode. “The idea behind this is to lighten the mode, not trivialise it,” said Ajay Chacko, Head-Marketing, CNBC TV-18.

The segment termed as “get a life” is a five-segment insertion on what people do after the day’s business gets over. The five-minute programme is a guide to good life for corporate India. It takes a sneak peek into their lives and provides a bridge between business and the lighter side of life -- essentially, lifestyle, films, music, travel, good living, design, glamour, partying, automobiles, etc.

Chacko denied that this was a strategic move to shift from the channel’s serious business focus. “We are looking at it more as a breather. The way it is envisaged does not take the channel away from its core proposition or erode the seriousness of the channel. We are not looking at giving a page 3 feel to the channel.”

The five-segment programming plays daily at 8.25 pm, 9.55 pm and 7.25 am. The theme that is being featured varies from how to savour cheese, how to make the perfect salad, understand the nuances of jazz, how to drink wine, how to find the perfect cigar, what CEO’s do to take their breaks to how to play golf, the best cars, gadgets, machines, books etc.

Asked if this is a move after competitors have opted for the lighter style, Chacko denied stating that the channel has always had more innovative programme formats than any other channel. “The channel has always had theme-based programmes like Young Turks, Trendmill, Storyboard etc even before the competitors and therefore it isn’t like we are moving towards such shows now. It’s just that these programmes are more noticeable now.”

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