CNBC cracks down on jargons for ‘Storyboard’ campaign

CNBC cracks down on jargons for ‘Storyboard’ campaign

Author | Priyanka Borpujari | Tuesday, Mar 06,2007 8:24 AM

CNBC cracks down on jargons for ‘Storyboard’ campaign

Every advertising campaign aims at ‘breaking away from the clutter’. With jargons like these and more flooding the scope of advertising and media, CNBC has come with an interesting campaign for its show ‘Storyboard’. Taking cues from jargons often used by advertising and media professionals, this campaign, which comes after a hiatus of nearly two years, works within the realms of simplicity. Executed by The Cell, the campaign currently includes three commercials, which went on air recently.

Says Zubin Driver, TV18 Network Creative Director, who has conceptualised the campaign, “Advertising and media professionals often use jargons, which are known only to themselves. This new campaign is a tongue-in-cheek exploration of ‘jargon’. It is addressed to those who are not familiar with such lingo, as also the professionals who use such words. Since these professionals are a humour-oriented lot who can laugh at themselves, this seemed to be the apt way of talking about ‘Storyboard’.”

The illustrations in the commercials are strikingly similar to the Dilbert cartoons, but are in-the-face explanations of terms like “brainstorm”, “dummy” and “share of mind”, which are elicited in each of the three commercials. Three similar-looking men dressed in office attire are shown to explore the meanings of office jargon in very literal ways. The similarity in the looks of the characters was to establish no apparent hierarchies.

The illustrations are done in ink and charcoal to lend a very rough and austere feel to the whole idea of a dry office life. The music rendered by Adrian D’Souza is jazz, again an attempt to use something different, which, at the same time, would be worldly.

The TVC has been aired on all TV18 network channels – CNBC TV18, CNBC Awaaz, CNN-IBN and IBN 7. The channel plans to start a viral campaign soon based on the same theme, as well as come up with some commercials within the same premise in due course of time.

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