Cellcast to launch first ever mega participation TV show ‘Bid2Win’ from May 7

Cellcast to launch first ever mega participation TV show ‘Bid2Win’ from May 7

Author | Pritie S Jadhav | Saturday, May 06,2006 6:10 AM

Cellcast to launch first ever mega participation TV show ‘Bid2Win’ from May 7

Family soaps still hold sway over television households, but that has not deterred programme producers from dishing out different wares to cater to different tastes.

In a bid to offer a unique content property on Indian television, Cellcast India will be launching a new TV show called ‘Bid2Win’ from May 7, 2006. The show will be telecast simultaneously across four TV channels – Sony TV, Sahara TV, Zoom TV and Zee Punjab – in the late prime time band of 11.30 pm to 12.30 am on all days of the week.

Explaining the genesis of the show, Pankaj Thakar, CEO, Cellcast India, said, “The idea of the show originated three years ago when we launched it in the UK market, which is our head office. The basic idea is to create a show that is engaging, entertaining and rewarding. This is the first ever mega participation TV show. Globally, it is a successful format where people have won close to $2.5 million worth of prizes across four countries.

The game show allows home viewers to be participants. It offers the home viewers an opportunity to win exciting high value products like laptops and mobile phones at an un-believable price of 1 paise or Rs 5.23 or Rs 18.93 through the show’s reverse auction platform, where the winner is the person who submits lowest and unique bids rather than higher and unique bids.

Rajeev Dhal, Vice President, Cellcast India explains, "The bids will be submitted through SMS & IVR route. We have developed a robust backend which will analyse responses in split seconds and give accurate results in real time. We have also ensured very high quality of production with anchors like Yudi, Tarana & Veer Das. The show is targeted at the active viewers who want quality content in the late night time bands, which is unfortunately dominated with repeat content. We estimate close to 1mn floating viewers during this band and we would like to convert them as loyal viewers of our show."

The revenue model for the show is through interactivity. “We operate on premium SMS and premium IVR, thus our revenues will be generated when people will participate and win products. This is a participation TV in this domain and first show ever done in India for which we are following the roadblock strategy. In this game show, the bidding will happen in real time all nights of the week.”

The show will be in a pre-recorded format with live dynamic interactive overlays delivered through Cellcast’s graphic server installed at the broadcast centre. These overlays will show the names (nick names pre-registered through SMS) of bidders in real time and also show the name of current winner who has the lowest and unique bid at a particular moment.

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