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Cash-strapped Doordarshan promotes its programme directors sans a raise

Cash-strapped Doordarshan promotes its programme directors sans a raise

Author | Vinod Behl | Tuesday, Oct 25,2005 8:36 AM

Cash-strapped Doordarshan promotes its programme directors sans a raise

Faced with a financial crisis, public broadcaster Doordarshan has found a novel way to boost the morale of its programme directors, who are the backbone of DD programming. These programme directors have been promoted to the post of deputy director generals (DDGs) without any additional monetary benefits or extra rumuneration.

They have been designated as incharge DDGs. Doordarshan has also redistributed certain porfolios among the DDGs, besides dividing zones for better administration and smooth functioning of various Doordarshan Kendras.

Vijaylakshmi, Director of Mumbai-based Marketing Division of Doordarshan, has been made DDG, Western Zone-2. From January 1, 2006, she will swap places with Mukesh Sharma, who is currently the Director of Mumbai Doordarshan Kendra.

Ananya Banerjee, another Programme Director, who was handling policy planning, has been made DDG Policy Planning, Coordination and Development, HRD & Training & SIU matters.

Dr TK as who was Director, Agriculture Narrowcasting, has been given the same portfolio following his promotion as DDG. L P Manderwal, Director, Ahmedabad Doordarshan Kendra, has been made DDG West Zone-1 with Gujarat and Rajasthan under his jurisdiction.

S P Saxena, Director, Tiruvanthapuram, has been made DDG South-3 with territorial jurisdiction of entire Kerala, while Dr V Senapati, Director, Pondichery Doordarshan Kendra, has been made DDG South-2 with territorial jurisdiction of Pondichery and Andaman and Nicobar.

Lakshmendra Chopra, Director, National Programme and Self Financing Scheme, Doordarshan, has been made DDG PG-5, incharge of DD-India channel. R Venkateshewar Low, who was earlier Director, Kashir Channel, besides looking after commercial sales of Doordarshan, has been given Coordination of Regional Kendras, Regional Language Satellite Service, and North-East Programme Administration, besides Kashir Channel after his promotion as DDG.

Usha Bhasin has retained the Development Communication Division, following her promotion from Director to DDG. V A Magazine, who as Director Programme was looking after DD Commercial Service, has been made head of P-9 looking after Commercial and Films after his promotion as DDG.

As part of redistribution of work among senior DDGs, N G Srinivasa, who was earlier looking after Southern Zone Marketing, has been made DDG South-1, coordinating all states in the South.

Talanthanga, who as senior DDG was looking after policy coordination, Parliament, international relations and audience research, has been given additional responsibility of feature films and documentaries, Robocon and Education.

L D Mandloi, in addition to his earlier portfolios of National Programme, sponsored programmes, Sports Channel, and West Zone Programme Administration, has been given DTH, KU Band and Cross Channel Promotion and Packaging.

Another senior DDG, Ashok Jailkhani has been given additional responsibility of Central Commissioning Unit in addition to his earlier portfolios of DD Bharati, music and dance, drama, East Zone Programme Administration, North East Cell, and North East Programme Administration.

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